Enemies to lovers/bad boy falls for good girl recommandations PLEASE!


Hello my friends <3
I am this binge-watching type when I watch dramas. I just finished another one and I need some
I mainly watch rom-comes or just romantic series.
I love enemies to lovers or a bad boy who has a soft spot for her, but I am grateful for every recommendation you guys give me!! :heart_eyes:

I am really interested in your recommendations! Please help me out of this lost situation, I want to have a reason to life again :sweat_smile:



There are a lot of different topics with the same question. You may go through the recommendations that our community has lovingly given. This one is my favorite,


Have you watched this?

It was the first that came to mind in terms of enemies-to-lovers. There is lots of charming bickering going on in this one.


these are a couple of hate to love (or misunderstandings to love)

My Kiss Collection

I have a lot of Rom Coms in my Kiss Collection - Newer ones I have watched at the end


A short one that is fun - she is clueless most of the whole darn thing!!!

:purple_heart: This one is PURE fun and he is so BAD and gorgeous

:boom:I’m the girl who is the lover of the BAD BOY
The boy who is STOIC but SQUISHY inside

I don’t know what you have watched but Lost Romance, Tempted, My Love From the Star
Just Between Lovers, The Long Ballad, Love is Phantom, Mysterious Love


This topic needs to be merged with one of the many similar existing topics.
For instance this one or this one.


Will They Be Together Thread

I don’t know if this one we did might help also - I like angst in my dramas or major flirts!!! :smile:


Oh I have not! I add this one definitely to my list…ty <3


Sorry irmar, after the last merging, I don’t want it anymore, since in the middle of nowhere one conversation gets cut and the other filled in and you just lose your thread. So please don’t! Pretty please!


Dear Herbal Lord (rom-com costume crdrama) No complicated twists, pretty fast paced. Great chemistry between leads. Available on YouTube.

The Romance of Hua Rong, (rom-com costume cdrama) Very comedic and fun to watch. No major plot twists. Kiss scenes are spicy. Available on YouTube as well.

Will add more if I can remember anything that hasn’t been mentioned before. :smile:



Let us know what you pick and what you think - I am always curious!


People should just not reply to duplicate posts, especially when they have been revealed as such, but of course most don’t care about those things.
Lately Discussions is very tiresome, I don’t come here with the same enthusiasm as before. I am sure you know why, you have also noticed what’s been happening.


Being one of the resident lover of bad boys - I know that you should be able to find something fun to watch - hopefully by checking out some of our threads and reaching out for help you feel like you have been able to find something new to watch - I know what it is like when you have your favorites and you just can’t seem to find one that clicks!!!

I hope you found a reason for living!!! Bahahahahaha! Please again let us know what you found!



Still, could you delete your former comment for jeslynl?


You guys are sooo helpful and kind! Thank you soo much. :hearts:

I added all of the ideas onto my watchlist and I definitely will watch all of them.
My next one will be I order you or maybe Marriage not Dating. :sunglasses :sunglasses:

I think for next few weeks I can live in peace and watch alls of your recommendations. :heart_eyes:


I feel a tightening in my stomach for having to tell you this, because I would never like to disagree with you on anything, or make you sad or mad or whatever.
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Im sorry to ask, but what is the problem?
This is my first discussion I have ever post. I dont want to do anything bad or forbidden.
I‘m just curious :sweat_smile:



In my world of 50 discussions - You did what you should have done!
Nothing BAD or Forbidden…
Yes - we have some duplicate discussions - I work hard not to duplicate but it happens
You can use the search on the right hand side to see if there is a discussion you are looking for also.
You are new to discussions and I want you to feel HAPPY and POSITIVE and FREE to ask us
the people who have KNOWLEDGE for help! Without FEAR!

Maybe another discussion might be too long to go through and for you - you needed a specific question answered about Love/Hate relationships!

If you want to do so - Change your request to Love/Hate Dramas or whatever you want!
I want you to feel comfortable coming to us in a Positive and Loving manner.
I hope this thread can stay that way also - Positive and helpful.

I AM here for you - All of my crazy Hottie Posse (my 1st and favorite thread) self - We have fun -
And Welcome :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

There is not a Love/Hate Relationship Thread that I can find

Let’s talk MDL at some point also
My MDL List


Well, if they care to merge it as I created the other topic I can still veto it, and then we made them work for nothing … Is that better? Why not merge it with any other topic that is in search for rom-coms especially, don’t get me wrong either, but the last time a topic was merged I was scrolling for 2 minutes to find the original red thread, not that this will happen here, but it just took the pace out of the topic, and it never went back to it in the same way …
How about this thread instead:


I think that it’s really difficult for a new person to know if it’s creating a new topic or if it’s duplicated. You didn’t do anything wrong you were just trying to start a discussion about something you want to know.
Just start, we are nice people loving dramas (j-drama, k-drama, c-drama), you’ll get familiar with this and I think that you’re going to love it as much as we do now.

About the main question you have in here, I’m with @kdrama2020ali with all her recommendations, but… I have to say that if you want to start with something short but good you can go with:

Also, we are going to start a watch party next Monday, it’s a Japanese show if you’re interested.

We have different threads where you can find some recommendations or see some gifs with good scenes of a show, it can work for you.
Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama
What are you currently watching?

See you around!! and Welcome!!