Eng To Arabic Subbers ARE NEEDED

We need subbers for the drama “She’s so lovable” starring krystal and rain.
Please can anyone help us translate it from english to arabic? :smile:
You can PM me or just comment here, then i will let you join the team since im a mod :smile:
Thanks !!

I am :smiley: Arabic is my native tongue and I’ve been speaking English since I was 4.

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That’s totally cool :smiley: i will add u to the team immediately, PM so that i could send u the spreadsheet :smiley: Tyvm for joining :smiley:

No problem :smiley: I love BTS, btw

We translated all the episodes for now, but tommorow they will release episode 11 :slight_smile: so u can start tomorrow i guess, if u r not busy, and YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY we have something in common - aren’t they lil cuties?

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