English to Persian/Farsi subbers

Hi, I’m bilingual (English & Farsi) and I want to translate some of my favorite dramas into Farsi. However, I’ve noticed that they take a looooonnnggg time. So I was wondering if anyone else wants to join me, if there are a few of us we can actually finish translating the whole drama and it will be fun/faster!! This is my profile in Mydramalist so you can check me out and see if you like my taste !! http://mydramalist.com/profile/wolfgirl9

looking forward to your replies!


**hi ------------ ی --------- ي -----------ی فارس --------- فارسی
I am speak English as second language .I can read English very good .I usually watch viki with English sub .
I have question . I look to all Farsi sub and find same problem as mind .we have problem with one key had sound “e” in Farsi . if you look at English keyboard and you will find it in “d” key .
I do Farsi sub and it is perfect in edit time .but I look at in show and I see their big mix up of the word.
in the sub ; more I use this key more I have problem later . it is look like puzzle . if you do not use this key every think is show perfect in show.
I used Arabica alphabets sound “e” in my Farsi sub . it is my only thinking so far . it is much better as result .but in edit area you see lots of red line for this Arabica alphabets .it is not bug in mine or your system .
I ask anybody can help me to fix my problem .I changed my keyboard . too.
I have windows 10 .I used google for all my work in my computer .

Thank you to how will help me .
could you write easy way to follow .

Hi. I just started doing this too. I was thinking if we could find 10 people to do it, we could probably sub an episode in a few hours. I would love to make this more available to other persians. If you are still interested, hit me up.

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i am looking for some project to sub i’m native Iranian and i know english
i would really love to help subbing if anyone needs one

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سلام. میتونید از سریال های چینی مثل سریال افسانه هائولان شروع کنید
قبلا سابقه ترجمه داشته اید؟

سلام ممنون از راهنماییت
نه متاسفانه تجربه قبلی ندارم

You dont need prior experience, its super easy. If you can read and write in English and Farsi I can teach you how to sub. I am looking for a group of ten people to form a team of subbers.

If you are still interested in subbing contact me!!!

hey guys, I want to participate in some of the k-dramas translating from English to Farsi. but not all dramas XD only the ones I love the most but I don’t know how to do it here. I have never translated for subtitles. I’ve translated to Farsi mostly some of the stories on Webtoon.