Enough with male lipstick already!

I am patiently waiting for Korean male actors/singers to stop wearing conspicuous lipstick, especially the fuchsia-deep red kind.
(Oh, and yes, that they also start wearing socks, hopefully covered by the pants)

Here is Lee Min Ho from “Heirs”. Doesn’t he look like an ajumma here?

Kim Woo Bin too. A softer colour, but considering he’s supposed to be a “bad, tough boy”, how can you take him seriously?

Not to speak of Goblin. Here is Gong Yoo

And here he is with Lee Dong Wook. In this case it was deep red and VERY ridiculous. He totally looked like a clown, with the white face and the red lips.

Lee Jeong Suk in W. It’s as if some blood splashed on his lips as well.

But it wasn’t the only instance, so…

Of course ALL actors all over the world, male included, have to wear makeup including lipstick. But it’s made to look as if it’s their natural lip colour.
Interestingly, Korean male celebrities wear lipstick normally, whereas females wear it only on parts of the lips, and it’s never that dark.


Yeah, a lot of actresses have the lipstick where it looks like it’s only applied where their lips meet, and then worn away around the edge of their lips. It’s distracting and I just don’t like that look.


I don’t think male actors do it on purpose.
Their lips look more “vibrant” because they tend to use lighter foundations than their actual skin tone.
There’s also the chance that the color-correcting or use of filters, which take place after filming, mess up with the way their lips looked in real life. (Whether they were wearing lipstick or not.) Notice how their lip color matches the general color scheme of the image.
Male idols (see EXO, BTS, etc.) on the other hand, they really go all in if the concept allows it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t mind the lipstick if it keeps looking a bit naturel but I often think “Give them some lip balm!” because in so many Kdrama they have dry chapped lips. To bad I cannot find any examples to post but it annoys me because then the rest of the make up is on point and then those ugly dry lips.


I feel bad for them when it’s not on purpose (aka dry lips because they are sick). I then wonder how many takes they had to do one after the other, because they had no time to drink any water… :frowning:


True, but even then, the makeup lady should take care of it. Just as they take care of stray hairs or shiny face or whatever. How can they not mind it at all?
Generally, Asians seem to not have the same standards as Western people regarding beauty. They care so much about noses, eyes and chin, and have numerous operations to make them comform to what is considered beautiful. But many actors have terrible, terrible ears, of weird shapes, or sticking out in a ridiculous way! And they do nothing about it, - not even the women - when it’s a very simple operation (a friend of mine did it), not expensive either.



Apparently, they have a term for the “perfect (female) face” in Korea.
“Gangnam Unnie”


Hahaha what are terrible ears? Like the pictures you’ve shown? I don’t consider those ear-types to be terrible at all :joy: I don’t have ears like that myself, but I think those earshapes have a certain charm. Besides all facial features can have a certain charm to them, can’t they? What I consider ‘odd-looking’ is when someone has had too much work done or the work that they had done looks too unnatural…


Those in the pictures are the ears sticking out like an elf. Women have their hair, and then the ears sticking out of the hair.
But there are strange, misshapen cauliflower shapes - I don’t remember a particular actor to look for his picture right now.
And there are all those ears which merge into the face, without any earlobe, alien-style: those are a bit disturbing, but not terrible, so I didn’t mention them, because of politeness, as they could be an ethnic characteristic.


:joy: hahahah now that thought will cross my mind if I see it styled that way :joy:


The operations aren’t expensive? Did they get it done in Korea? I want to get surgery done on myself haha.

Actually I know of at least one idol that fixed his ears 'cause they where demaged from doing a lot of judo, but that’s different from having dumbo-like ears though^^
Back to topic: the worst kind of lip make-up for males is a shining pink or orange lipglos, I think (like your first image of Lee Minho) super unnatural color and overly shining on top of that. The Goblin stuff didn’t really bother me, I have to say.


I agree :slight_smile:

Someone give Suho some lip balm in Rich Man, Poor Woman. Yes he was waking up but hey they took time to style his hair and do the other make up.

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See, it’s the same what I was saying earlier about ears. There are some details that are very important to them, and some details they completely overlook. Chapped lips are one of them. They don’t seem to mind them. I see a lot of chapped lips in dramas and no, not only on sick/feverish people. And chapped lips don’t require an operation: they are very easy to fix, as you say, with some lip balm or cocoa butter.
Another one is very rough unmanicured hands/nails. We see a lot of cuticles gone wrong. Sometimes even dirty fingernails!
If they know they are going to show a guy’s hands in closeup, take care of them, no? It only takes a few minutes. It must be a result of the rush of live shooting, or they really don’t find it important.

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Supposedly he wasn’t wearing lipstick during the filming of goblin and its his natural lip colour.

I do agree that his face is very pale but i don’t know if that was deliberate due to him being the grim reaper.

A few weeks afterwards I saw some other pictures of him and it wasn’t nearly as red.
Opposed to Lee Jeong Suk who had prominent lip colour even in his childhood pictures.
Who knows.


I don’t know if it’s make up, plastic surgery or whatever but I’m scarred for life after seeing this.
Can’t wait for their comeback though. :sweat_smile:

The next story is even more disturbing.

The sad thing is that this is pretty “standard” for idols. I always subconciously skip articles like this because it’s disturbing how ofter they come up.