Enough with male lipstick already!


@angelight313_168 - When I was younger (ok , I’m dating myself hahaha) - I don’t think “Idol dramas” are a trend in the US but I did watch - Dawson’s Creek and MTV’s Real World and Road Rules :sweat_smile: oh and “My So Called Life”

I guess “Idol school” is like a “stepping stone” to acting in SK and it’s a pipeline for the next K star? I heard it’s so brutal though and they don’t “get paid” while they are in training. They make huge sacrifices and it’s not always a guarantee.

I don’t think I can do Idol Dramas either but I did enjoy Dream High 1, I can’t relate to that demographic anymore.

:sweat_smile: I think male make up is something that I am still getting used to it. I on the other hand, am “equal opportunity” as I have an appreciation for male beauty across ethnicities :smile:. But I think this male make up in SK is fueled by these celebrities too - the image that they are projecting - I think same holds true for women and body image issues…

@vivi_1485 - :+1:t4: maybe it’s a cue for these producers, writers and directors that the younger audience does not buy into the “cookie cutter” shallow stories. There needs to be depth in their stories and characters.


I started watching Lost Romance last night and there was one female character who was wearing so much lipstick that there obviously was none left for those poor guys. :thinking::joy:


oh boy ONE IN A MILLION!!! :joy:


I was watching the Documentary from Black Pink and is sad to see that this parents are willing to send this girls from 11 to 16 years old to train as singers or acting and don’t get a salary unless of course they become famous.

These girls are so mature, and have a good head on their shoulder, but it’s obvious they are not happy at all. Fame in Asian countries come at a very hefty price. Any parent that let’s her young child to stranger doesn’t deserve any respect.

@mirjam_465 Have you seen the one from STRANGER 1 &2? UGH that deep red/burgundy lipstick on that face with no eyeliner and so pale is not pleasant to see. The Director would have to kill me to force me to wear such a disparage of make up? If we can call that make up.


I haven’t seen them. Do you recommend them (apart from the lipstick)?

Lol, that would be a zombie movie then, I guess. :rofl:


Black Pink is growing on me and I love how much support they are getting esp from American female artists.

I kind of got that idea when I saw " The Producers" and IU’s character (but probably true to her life too) - “selling their souls” pre teen to train. Honestly not sure if it’s worth it…

@mirjam_465 :rofl: make up artists will have a fit because they ran out of male lipstick…


STRANGER part 1 I would recommend to you 100% although the FL never grew on me, and I wonder if she’ll ever… because she’s the culprit of pale face with deep dark lipstick (she begins with no make up whatsoever) They make her look so weird at times (like always females never win a fair game).Her ‘‘makeup’’ is in my eyes a huge malfunction, and her role feels somewhat weird too lol.

Btw, PRIVATE LIVES is awesome! That one is a winner in my book. I see an award coming.
I can’t get enough of a Spanish series titled [THE BARRIER/LA VAYA ] It gets better with each passing episode.

Right now, I’m watching a Russian series titled [TO THE LAKE] I’m shocked how much I liked this series that is about a virus in Moscow.

I’m doing all this drama watching and painting so many things (I had gold and white before), and changed now to black with dark antique gold. If you watch YT they have LONE FOX that guy is beyond words in modern deco and YOUDUV ( she’s african american) makes amazing mirrors and chair with amazon/any kind of hard corrugated box. They have a girl from India that makes gorgeous stuff too she has great taste in modern ‘‘furniture’’ a.must see. Oops…went off topic lol