Enough with male lipstick already!


I am currently enjoying Zombie detective. You have a good point, I noticed that too like geez, of all the drama’s I have seen, her “style” reminds me of myself when I binge watch on my off days and forget to shower :grin: . Your explanation behind that makes me sad because as a female, I root for the female characters too so they don’t have to make her look too “stinky” :sweat_smile: especially next to a “rotting corpse”.


Toxic female fans are indeed there , I made a post on FB saying Happy Birthday to Suzy Bae with her picture and the first response , from a woman was …"Who’s brother is that ? "


On episode 16 of ‘While you were sleeping’ …male lipstick gag was funny …irony :slight_smile:


Awww Suzy - I “legit” envy her because she has worked/made out with almost all my favorite K actors :grin:. I have seen “While you were sleeping…” can’t seem to remember that lipstick gag :sweat_smile: but LJS may have used it a bit in that drama :smile:. I take it you like Suzy Bae?


Lately I just write, and don’t proofread what I wrote; which can lead to missing important facts. But my mind was in one tract mode at the moment and I was just talking about women in my own country that are so independent, and the documentaries I’ve seen so far about the women of SK, China and Japan who are CEO of multi million companies (although very little exposure of such facts are made or widely publicize so we rarely know this things). That’s the reason I watch so many documentaries and read articles about women’s empowerment whenever they’re available.

It’s very sad to realize that we have countries like Saudi Arabia that can kill a woman even if the husband was just making a lie, and accusing her of adultery to get to marry a younger wife (YT video heartbreaking where they stoned a woman to death accused by her husband of adultery so he can marry a younger girl). Now also this issue with their driving in Saudi Arabia…sad. Although I see them all over New York so happy as they drive to the malls, Costco or BJ. They even talk! In Doctor’s office, through their veils we hold conversations, and is nice to know they are finally free and happy and social with everyone (not just me).


The prosecutors that were having the fling that later got married …he was caught with her lipstick on


First drama I have actually seen Suzy in …but she is pretty with minimum makeup


Suzy Bae is one of the best younger actress in my book. She’s naturally beautiful and highly envied because she’s simple and very private. I defend her whenever anyone try to attack her, and they become my sworn enemies for life. I call her my Asian adopted daughter. Ever since she had a relationship with Lee Minho the attack became disgusting when they were wishing her death. It’s sickening to read this hate messages so I deleted my account on YT that allows these hateful comments to go public. They need to delete those sick comments that has caused the suicide of many wonderful and beautiful human being like Sulli from ‘‘To the Beautiful you’’ and Hana Kimura, the 22-year-old female professional wrestler who was among the cast of the internationally popular Netflix reality show " Terrace House" Both victims of the bullying of these sick perverted sicko females.


I thought the haterade against here had to do with Li Min Ho …sad


:joy::joy:sometimes even I suddenly realize “Oh, we fall in the Asian category!!” when the popular meaning of ‘Asian’ is the far east :grin::man_shrugging:
Also I just don’t like the way they sexualize/objectify men like that sometimes its just disgusting…but what do we do when such things are the ones that sell​:roll_eyes::worried:


I heard about those toxic fans when she was with LMH that’s just
awful, read about the suicide of some of these K stars - just heartbreaking. They don’t deserve the harassment and the bullying - nobody deserves that period. Talk about pressure from all angles - from showbiz, from management , from toxic fans etc…

I have a friend who was stationed in SK and when she shared with me that male make up is really big there -I was kind of shocked. But good for them (SK) for being unapologetic about male make up and androgynous clothes and hair though…


What’s heartbreaking that many of these male actors get severe acne and it creates big scars in their face and it shows when the camera gives them a close up. Lee Minho gets welts in his neck (watch closely when he has that gorgeous beige/white sweater in the drama: The Legend of the Blue Sea). It looks painful that allergy.


So they get an allergic reaction from the products :anguished:? It’s nice to see them in their “natural state”. Ji Chang Wook posted a beach video while in Miami, FL I think it was from last year - he really does not need all that make up - he looks gorgeous as always.

My friend who was stationed in SK also shared that she has worked with SK men who are serving their (mandatory) military enlistment who still wear man-make up. That’s so tedious, who has time for that? I have to give them kudos. :clap:t4:


Some do really love make up, and are obsessed with it to the point of way too much…lol. The guy from The Bridal Mask omg, he’s fanatic of make up. I feel they are insecure and hide behind those pounds of make up like when I was young I did that mistake and now i have deep acne scars after hundreds of chemical peel I’m ‘‘half way’’ decent now.

PS. And no, I don’t wear foundation unless is for a big event, like a wedding for example (I still break out in acne bc I have very oily skin) and even sensitive skin products don’t help me.


I wear makeup only if I have to go somewhere like a party, the theatre etc. Nowadays also at work because it’s mandatory “dress code” - but it’s just a quickie eyes-lipstick-blush, done in less than 5 minutes, sometimes in the car, at red lights.
Skin needs to breathe. What if it isn’t perfect? I can understand wanting to be perfect when you go on a first date, or on stage. I can understand celebrities and entertainers, it’s their job. Those people are in the public eye, photographed every second, pictures zoomed in and even small imperfections nastily and mercilessly analyzed and commented on.
But regular people? (and during military service?) That’s MASSIVE insecurity, dude!


I haven’t had a reason to wear make up lately :sweat_smile: esp with the pandemic and there is no way I’ll do it at work but I admire my co workers who look great and even have their hair done wow. It’s different for everyone because it gets in the way for me at work.

And make up has evolved - I don’t know how to “shadow” and “highlight”, if you know how to do it - WOW, that’s amazing! I like Bb cream but even that gets smeared on my tops so I just slap on moisturizer and spf moisturizer (I have really dry skin).I do lipstick at most , but again, no reason for that lately.

I know I mentioned this already but I wish, I really wish they leave those beautiful man-brows alone…

Also, what’s wrong with facial hair? They look so “clean shaven” , maybe because I like them “rough and scruffy” like Choi Siwon’s character in “She was pretty” :heart_eyes:


It’s understandable not wanting to wear make up during these rough times, but I do hope you go back to ‘‘want’’ to wear that lipstick color you like, and do your hair when you start going out (if you haven’t gone out yet) don’t let this pandemic rob you of your old self that had the desire to wear lipstick at least.
You don’t need the eyeshadow (I swear that’s one thing I feel women can be without). Too much make up looks so ridiculous too, and is just a mask. Simple soft colors in our lips, a bit of eyeliner maybe? a hair blown dried/styled, combed, is all we need, and we good to go.

I have to admit I started doing my eyebrows and eyeliner darker tones to emphasize what they(ppl) can see, and since all they can see is my eyes I concentrate there now. I can’t wear lipstick bc is a mess on the mask, but if I go to visit my family I wear it so I don’t look gloomy or depressed (I remove the mask around my family).

I do detest mustache and the beard in men, and I love my man clean shaven, no hair in that face lol. But Siwon does looks very handsome with facial hair. There are men who look more attractive with mustache and so on, but I won’t kiss a man who has a mustache until he shaves it all off.


Thank you :grin:. Back when we can have “work parties”, “happy hour” , concerts, sporting events etc- pre pandemic , I was wearing lipstick at least and the occasional mascara. Now with the mask requirement here though, I’ve smeared lipstick on my mask :tired_face: which is why I don’t bother anymore. “Going out” for me nowadays is meeting 1 friend for a hike, a boat ride on the lake or a picnic - not ready for indoor socializing just yet. But you are right, I do miss using my “dance with me” and “cosmo” shade, one of these days soon…

Facial hair : :joy: It is a matter of preference - I get it. I don’t mind a little scruff personally but no on the thick mustache :joy: and the Gandalf beard. Some of these K actors are super baby-faced too though, like sometimes I feel like I’m looking at the face of a school-aged boy super-imposed on a grown man’s body :tired_face: it just seems so wrong…


Well, personally I’m not attracted to Asian guys, and much less when I see them with so much lipstick on, or very tight fitting suits, for me that’s a complete turn off (the older actors dress like that too and wear lipstick) They are ‘‘cutie pies’’ (hate their ears though too big for their little faces) Sadly, they are also soooo ‘‘plastic’’ that their cuteness is too fake for me. It’s not real, so I don’t watch dramas when the couple are too young.

Besides, I’m too old to like the so call idol boys bc they are just kids (my grandson is already 18) I don’t even watch dramas when they are too young or baby face.

I liked Lee Byung Hun but once he got married I lost interest in his dramas or films (couldn’t fantasize anymore). There are several mature guys that are very attractive but Kdrama is mainly geared to young viewers, and that’s why we have so many ‘‘idols’’ singers and acting, too. Some don’t cut it as actors, they don’t have what it takes to be called an actor but the fans loves them and that’s good enough for me.


I’m 17 but I still don’t like watching dramas with younger couples…somehow it feels too light, no depth to the relationship, especially when they are school dramas…after watching lots of second chance dramas I cant get myself to go back to the young, love-at-first-sight kinds of couples