Enough with male lipstick already!


Anyone saw the episode in Priest where “Bidam” (from Queen SD) was dressed as woman and his make up was so perfect, he looked really like a strong woman, even his lips were perfect :wink:


I just found another one. No comments from me, I think the image says it all!


The picture of Tacyeon on this post about ears has been taken down, so I’m uploading a replacement. Unfortunately I cannot edit my post anymore, so I’m putting it as a reply.
Weirdly enough, on a man, they don’t bother me half as much as on a woman. Maybe my prejudice.


Do you think “all” Korean and Chinese actors do surgery with their noses? And what are they doing with the eyes? (you mentioned it earlier).

About the ears… there is one Chinese actor that also has jug ears. When I first saw him in a drama I was surprised that he didn’t change it since I couldn’t remember a Western actor that would keep such ears.

On the other hand I dislike most surgery since it makes people less beautiful (thinking of all the US actors, especially older ones that have faces like wax masks :confounded:


Will Smith has what you call jug ears.

I don’t mind plastic surgery. It’s when it’s not successful people complain. Just look at Kylie Jenner - now there’s plastic surgery done right and she’s a billionaire soon lol


Just googled to see how his ears look xD (didn’t watch much movies with him and couldn’t remember his ears…)

Compared to Asian actors Will Smith’s ears don’t look so strange.

It’s sad though if she needs surgeries for being successful (I’m not into that kind of celeb stuff so idk how Kylie looked before/after different surgeries). I read an article some time ago about Trump’s wife with different photos and before all the surgeries she was a nice woman and later she just looked terrible.


How could I know about “all” actors? I only know a bunch of them by name or face anyway, and about Chinese, nothing at all, since I don’t watch Chinese dramas.
I have seen quite a few Korean male actors with natural monolid, hooded eyes, puffy under-eye included. And their noses too, many tend to leave them alone if they’re not too weird. Personally I love a man with a decisive nose, like Lee Min Ho. I find it exciting and manly, whereas Lee Jung Suk’s nose seems a bit funny to me (I think he improved it lately, adding a little more to it? Not sure, but it was my impression in seeing Romance is a Bonus Book).
But Korean female actresses with monolid eyes are very rare, although they do exist. Most of them have not only double eyelids (which “might” also be natural), but huge eyes like manga characters, and many also sport that creepy freaky pointy chin.
On the other hand I’ve seen many Japanese actors AND actresses with natural noses (you know, “Roman” style, big and curvy, or a bit wide), and it was so refreshing! I have never seen this on Korean female actresses.


They know that they are wearing lipstick. There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it. It is very distracting when you are trying to think of your handsome male lead as all male but there’s that lipstick getting in the way.


I really like the monolid look, I think it is so attractive and beautiful. Makes the stares more intense, I think.

As for the ears, I don’t tend to look at them in actors, unless they really are noticeable. I never noticed Will Smith’s ears until it was pointed out.

I think different types of noses are so interesting and fun. I personally have a pointy, long, and wide nose, so I understand if someone is unsure and uncomfortable with their nose, but I would never consider changing it. It makes me a little more unique, I guess. It’s not what one would call cute and pretty, but it serves its purpose and looks just fine.

And yes, that lipstick is just so distracting. Maybe the color is from the camera filter, though. But I don’t mind unless it really distracts from the story or dialogue.




I guess I found a natural Korean actress. When they have makeup it’s hard to tell anyway. I once watched a video from a Chinese streamer and she said there is no need for surgery since much can done by makeup and she showed a no make up look and then did her make up step by step and looked quite different.

Bae Donna with and without make up:

here her eyes look large:


Will Smith himself use to mention his ears, both in his music and movies.
I think in western films they could fix the eyebrows and such of their male stars. But I’m glad that they don’t wear lipstick lol

As for Kylie, I’m no fan of the Kardashian’s but can’t help seeing them here and there.
Kylie 2010 and 2015:


I’m NO fan of the Kardashians nor is my daughter a few years older than her. This picture is unfair in the sense that the girl was born in 1997 in 2010 she was only 13 years old (pic on left) and 5 years later she was 18 years old( pic on right). Normal pre-teen to teen changes in her facial feature.

The only thing I see in this young girl Kyle Kardashian, is lots and lots of makeup, and she did her lips augmentation (which she publicly admitted to doing) But overall, there’s no major plastic surgery yet in her face (is not like she needs it since we can’t deny they are beautiful girls).

She definitely will do plastic surgery on her body, since her sisters are poor role model for that, and have ‘‘fake backsides’’

Asian actresses and Actors don’t need all this plastic surgery bc most are a different kind of beauty but their agents, combined with the Directors want an image for their dramas, and the poor things have to go through unnecessary painful procedures.

There’s one Asian actor that when he was a young boy he was so handsome, and now with plastic surgery I’m sorry but he looks terrible (I didn’t even know it was him bc is two totally different person) They really ruined his life. I hope he can correct the damage they did to him.

I also hope Kyle never fall in his sister’s poor role model trap and begin doing all that unnecessary plastic surgery.


It’s an before and after. It looks like she’s done her lips and also her chin. In other pictures it appears that she’s followed her sisters and have buttimplant as well. Personally I don’t mind what people do. And in her case it was successful and has now given her a career and she makes a boatload of money.

Same with male lipstick in dramas - I don’t mind much either as long as it has a purpose.


She (Kyle) did her lips and she talked about doing that (lip augmentation) on USA TV. When we women do the lip enhancement, the chin always change, and looks different, too.

About the lipstick I respect your opinion that you don’t mind the guys having lipstick on.

I just don’t like my cute Asian guy to have so much lipstick on their lips. Much less, such dark colors like they’re using lately on dramas.

When they are kissing the leading lady it’s total a turn off for me.


I would also not mind if it had a purpose. But I fail to see any. Maybe the purpose is to make them prettier and more desirable to Asian women who like male lipstick. Can’t think of anything else.


In my first reply in this thread I did mention the dramas I’ve seen the males have pale skincoloured lipstick to show that they are really sick. So when they have pink rosy lips I assume it’s to show them healthy. And for that purpose I don’t mind it.
But if the shows/movies you’ve seen they just have lipstick for no apparent reason then I agree and I do prefer men without.


Maybe for a certain genre? e.g teen/romance or so?


Seems not to be an issue in C drama :smile:

besides better lipstick than beard :innocent:

(netflix has a new teen show with a cute Afroamerican mix guy and in one scene he had shiny-glossy lipstick like icecream while the girl had pale red without reflections. it looked so funny :joy:
in later episodes he had transparent lipstick)


there were/are a few actors whit the elephant ears. as for the lipstick/gloss mayve they are trying to be more sexy?? hehehe, just a thought there, maybe to make them look more alive?? I kinda wish they would stop it too


For whatever reason YT put that vid in my “recommend” list. Probably to show me a fe/male lipstick scene


Both characters are short haired & with same lipstick colour.


I don’t know the drama’s story/characters. Just thought that the makeup looks somehow the same.