Enough with male lipstick already!


With all the talk about cosmetics and lip tints etc…it seems the world is on the 'Korean Beauty train". The many-steps cleansing and care lines are big sellers globally. My neice orders from a Korean company on the web regularly…yes…even the snail essence cream.


I just had to share. Amazing makeover. Some commenter said “That’s why you need to take a person you just met to swim as a first date.” I laughed so hard.


So glad she gave him chapstick hahaha.
The whole things sounds so funny.


Wow it shows once again what make up can do. I won’t be surprised if I saw some Kpop stars while I was in Korea but didn’t notice as they didn’t have make up on :joy:

And wow they sell Catrice and Essence in Thailand too?! I thought it was somehow a brand a Dutch drugstore ‘created’ but it isn’t. Ohh that video makes me laugh so hard :joy:


I really don’t know about this ‘‘lipstick’’ in Koreans actors. I thought it was a normal colour, sorry I normally don’t use makeup so don’t know to say the difference between both, at last, not a little difference like that. :sweat_smile:

But this still is a big revelation for me. :open_mouth:


I agree with ninafk19, I didn’t realize they used makeup! and now thanks to you guys/gals I look at the lips when I watch a drama
I even went back to some dramas I have watched. wow, I just didn’t realize! yes a big revelation to me as well.


Yoo Seung Ho strikes again! In “Strange Hero”

Including a pic when the lipstick had all but gone away, leaving some red lines on the lips. The makeup girl must have been fired after that!


they still doing it?


Give the guy some lipbalm geez!
(Still need to watch that drama. Is it really good? Just wasted my time on Hyun Bin’s “Memories of the Alhambra” unfortunately and I don’t want to waste time again if it’s really not good)


y’know I thought that was going to be a good drama, well I had to stop at episode 3. didn’t make sense


I loved Memories Of Alhambra and consider the drama one of the best in that category (non romance but action packed/ totally different story plot).

The end unnerved/angered me, BIG TIME! But I have a feeling we are getting a sequel (second part) First, they gave at the end previews like if there was going to be another episode. I had to watch the damn thing 3 times bc I was so confused but I know we are getting a second part bc the ‘‘BUG’’ is still going around, and the ring still in the box…

These Asian writers/directors are such teasers. This drama was going so perfect so the ending made no sense at all. Looking forward to part 2…YES!


What happened was it was a high tech modern drama and since my son is constantly playing those kind of games I was having fun/terror with it.

When the thunder began and that guitar playing I ran to the other room bc it scared me so much… until I got used to it, and it wasn’t so traumatizing.

I personally loved it although the ending was disappointing bc it wasn’t what I expected.

I still recommend Memories of Alhambra 100%


I hope he didn’t do permanent lipstick make up (I did it and it last for years to come…) The fact that it looks exactly like previous long time drama suggest to me Permanent Makeup and he chose the lips done hahahaha


Wait, permanent lipstick/makeup is a thing? Wow, I didn’t know that!
And yes, I have noticed faded lipstick and chapped lips in some Kdramas. I can’t say for sure which dramas I noticed them in, but I remember being confused, since I have never seen that in American movies, unless the chapped lips are chapped for the movie effect. I wonder if it is a style/culture thing…


I don’t mind lipstick on men. In the K and C dramas I’ve seen they use rosy color when they are healthy and a skin colored lipstick when they are sick. So it has a purpose.
I’m more annoyed with non-asian dramas where the women are on point while they haven’t even plucked the leading mans eyebrows. In all asian dramas the men have fabulous eyebrows. :innocent:


They could use a naturally rosy hue for healthy and flesh colored (no blood) when sick.
But here they use bright purplish fuchsia and even wine coloured, very dark hues. With lipgloss. This serves no purpose whatsoever. They look like drag queens. Of course you’re absolutely free to like that. There must be some people who like this, otherwise it wouldn’t be done. Obviously the Asian public is okay with it.


I wrote flesh colored but meant skin color lol

But yes, I see your point and have seen that they sometimes might overdo it a bit. But I figured it’s to show health.


Anyone saw the episode in Priest where “Bidam” (from Queen SD) was dressed as woman and his make up was so perfect, he looked really like a strong woman, even his lips were perfect :wink:


I just found another one. No comments from me, I think the image says it all!


The picture of Tacyeon on this post about ears has been taken down, so I’m uploading a replacement. Unfortunately I cannot edit my post anymore, so I’m putting it as a reply.
Weirdly enough, on a man, they don’t bother me half as much as on a woman. Maybe my prejudice.