Enough with male lipstick already!


Some Europeans also have eyelids like him. Do you think it’s monolid? (Somehow for me, there are more than just 2 different eye/lid forms)


We all have an eye different than the other,one eyebrow nicer than the other one etc…The main thing to focus on in our life is, not so much how we look on the outside bc the real beauty must come from within us (our heart). I have met ppl. that are physically unattractive but they are so sweet, kind, caring, that you see so much beauty in them.

On the other hand, I have met gorgeous looking ppl that are so vain and mean you just see an ugly monster in front of you, no matter how much physical beauty they have… Several of my family members (girls) look like gorgeous models, but I can’t stand being around them bc their energy is so full of hate and meanness that I get nauseous when I’m around them (that’s how my body reacts lol). I always talk to them and tell them to stop being that way, but it goes one ear and out the other. There’s so much you can do to those that won’t listen.

Don’t get me wrong there are ppl. that are physically beautiful and more beautiful inside but this society concentrate so much on selling products, surgery, etc…that they make sure we get absorbed into what I call ‘‘the plastic world’’ But I hope you realize that no matter how handsome/beautiful a person is on the outside, what really counts is how beautiful they are on the inside.


Yes, wise words! It’s true that no matter if the person is physically attractive, if they are mean-spirited and vindictive, they are unattractive. There’s a quote from a Youtuber named Frank James, and he says “Stay cool and attractive.” ‘Cool’ in the sense that one doesn’t let external circumstances shake his/her peace of mind and ‘attractive’ in the sense of cultivating inner beauty. Being kind to others and giving away is more rewarding than being mean and hoarding attention and constantly getting from others.


Seems we here are not the only ones who feel that the plastic faces are all looking too similar.

(It’s a funny interview, first he looks kinda shocked that he should just think/rate the looks instead of considering a person’s personality as well and then later he criticises the plastic surgeries in a kind way please go to different clinics so you won’t look all the same xD)


Oh my goodness that’s so true. I can never tell certain actress apart bc they look the same to me. They are copying a lot A Suzy’s face, too. And now you see Chinese actors that look so much like SK actors.

They should start suing those Doctors.


I agree that lipstick on male actors is distracting and unnecessary.


I’ve just finished watching Heirs and both Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin were just fine to me, it was nice seeing them with pink colorful lips. Also the picture of Lee Dong Wook that you posted, he doesn’t look ridicolous to me at all, his red lips make him even more handsome in my opinion.

I think you’re making a matter of beauty/entertainment/fashion in a gender one. Just because they get their make up done and dress more stylish they become feminine/desexualized? Just because they have softer features they become androgynous? Can’t a “real men” have a soft and pretty side too? even tho they have make up done and they look pretty, they’re still very manly.

Here you’re focusing on only one side of idols, as I said before many idols look cute but very manly too. Idols do aegyo only when they are asked to, they don’t randomly act cute instead on stage they want to convey their energy and a good performance. About how they dress, if they’re attending a official schedule as a group stylists dress them and they usually follow the fashion trends and they don’t look gay at all?? They look very handome and manly. When they choose their outfits, many idols have a strong individual fashion sense and it doesn’t look gay at all. I guess Western Standards would define them gay just because we’re not used to see men dressing up and following the fashion trends.




Or just keep their own face :upside_down_face:

@ Chinese looking like SK, I also realized that for some, so probably the reason is the surgery. Gladly, not all Chinese seem doing it so I really hope the ones doing it won’t be the majority soon.


I agree that seeing red lipstick on male actors is very weird. I don’t like it at all. I was just re-watching some scenes of Boys Over Flowers and the males did not wear lipstick and they looked so much better. Also, they all seemed a little more tan in their complexions than what I see in more recent K-Dramas. Now it seems the trend is to have very pale skin. I just think they look better a little tan with no lipstick. And while I am at it–Lee Min Ho’s longer hair in BOF really looks good on him.


Now they have Lee Min Ho on NTFX King drama; with a dark coral lipstick, and at the beginning it was very light but as episodes keep going on, is getting darker, and so much more noticeable. It baffles the mind to see such a gorgeous looking man with so much lipstick on. Ironically; the main actress doesn’t have an OUNCE of lipstick in her lips. Does that makes any sense? She really needs some lipstick in her lips; and not him.

The guy has improved in acting, and on episode 12 he really went off, and showed his great improvement in acting. The hair style in the King drama is gorgeous and looks so good on him. He has demonstrated in this drama that he’s more than just; ‘‘a pretty face.’’


I agree. The girl should have some lipstick not Lee Min Ho. Although, the dark color is better than red on his lips. But he doesn’t need lipstick. He looks better without.

His acting is improved. I really loved the scene where he and his men were on horseback racing to fight a group of enemies. He pulled out his sword and went straight at them. I have always loved swashbuckling–such as Zorro. And to see Lee Min Ho with a sword was great!



Ha ha, this guy is hilarious. By the way, most of Western girls I know would never date a guy who puts on makeup.



Yes, that was episode 12 the best so far, and he looked so sexy and perfect in that scene… and when he ‘‘carries her off?’’ wow. that was masterpiece scene. Lee Min Ho finally showed the world that he’s more than a pretty face bc he is Gorgeous. I wonder if he’s plastic since you can’t tell. I mean I can’t tell.

The girl needs a complete makeover in Make up and wardrobe bc her style stinks big time. They making her too plain and is not fair at all.


I think they look cool. :slight_smile:



Yes, episode 15 they finally fixed her up, and she looked pretty and her clothes could be better since she has a nice body to be wearing those oversize coats and pants. The episode was very tender and loving.


Yea… I am not into the ‘pretty boy’ look. I like a guy who looks like a man, not an androgynous whatever that is. It could be due to young teen-aged girls expectations since most IDOLS are aimed at teens. But I also hate the over muscled look of weightlifters, that is totally gross to me and I can’t stand beards. So I just like regular guys, in good shape is all.

But the flowers in the hair can be a cultural thing. Western culture says guys liking flowers are too feminine but other cultures don’t have that bias.


OMG! That was a fantastic scene! A modern fairy tale! A bunch of Knights riding to rescue the damsel in distress! Mowed down the bad guys. Cut a swatch right through them. It was a great modern swashbuckle! I LOVED IT! I reran that scene several times. lol Lee Gon WAS hot hot hot! Now, he is a man! Oh - Yea. He can rescue me any day. :rofl: LOL


Yea, fair skin has been is a thing in Asia for centuries but it is overdone now. Fair skin meant you were wealthy and did not have to work in the sun. But today’s bleaching looks bad. It actually ticks me off - some of the Idols have taken it to an extreme and they look ill. A natural complexion is better. I find myself complaining at them on the tv about it. (Like they can hear me.) :rofl:


Of course there are some men who are both ridiculously handsome AND very masculine. Nothing androgynous about this one - even with some lipstick on, thankfully toned down this time!