Enough with male lipstick already!


Yea. He is very good looking and not at all a pretty boy. :grinning:

I LOVED that scene where he and his knights ride in on horseback to rescue his damsel in distress! Now THAT was HOT HOT HOT! :heart_eyes:


You never know … :rofl:


The last episode I watched (14) it seemed Lee Min Ho didn’t have lipstick on, or very little. Maybe they are listening to the fans?



No, he has some lipstick on, but it seems SOME of the ppl in charge of make up use very little amount of coral color lipstick (remember I mentioned at the beginning it was very light )in some episodes he has an exaggerated amount of lipstick and is very noticeable and in my opinion looks ridiculous (but that’s me some ppl like it).


yeah, there is a little lipstick on him. I get that all actors wear makeup, but like most of us here, I don’t like red lipstick on men, especially when they have pale skin. In the case of Lee Min Ho, he looks pretty good no matter what!


True, that.

Apart from the dark red, the other type that irks me is the pearly one.


I am watching an older drama, scent of a woman. the main guy looks sun tanned, no lipstick, but if you see him on goblin, pale and dark lipstick, notw that part I can understand, but suntanned?



I don’t think he was heavily ‘‘suntanned’’ I believe that at that time it was the guy’s natural skin color, except now he changed into ghost skin look to please his agent, directors, weird fans, that like the ghostly look with heavy makeup guys.


I wish they’d stop with that gastly sun-deprived vampire look. It looks awful. It’s like those models from the 80’s all gaunt and anorexic looking with heavy dark eyeshadow. They really looked like sick junkies. That was a terrible ‘designer’ phase that I am glad they finally junked.

If they keep up that skin bleaching they’ll be transparent soon and perhaps give themselves permanent damage. I wish they’d quit that stupid fashion.


That was so funny and it describes exactly what they look like. I believe those bleaching cream cause skin cancer so is a matter of time when they’ll regret what they are doing to themselves. i guess they don’t do their research.

Cancer Research and Treatment > [Volume 50(3); 2018]

[The incidence rates of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer have increased over the past years, with the exception of melanoma in men. Further studies are required to investigate the reasons for the increased incidence of these skin cancers in South Korea.

[In South Korea , 6,207 cases were diagnosed as cutaneous melanoma, 12,516 cases as squamous cell carcinoma and 22,283 cases as basal cell carcinoma, between 1999 and 2014]


I’m not sure they are doing it to themselves, though. It might be in their contract: no make-up, no deal. :thinking:



I was talking about the use of bleaching cream which is a deadly chemical to the skin if used for a prolonged periods of time (I read some actors/actress start since they are kids done/forced by their own parents), not only the agents, Directors etc…

Make up is always used by actors/actress to hide imperfections that will clearly show in the cameras. I just saw today this very pretty actress, and the camera did a close up so close to her face, that you can actually see she had holes and some scars from acne in her face.

Right now, melanoma cancer is killing young ppl if f they don’t find it on time. It usually starts in the face but some ppl get it in places hard to see and by the time they spot it, the melanoma has spread to their organs and by then it will be too late.

PS. I don’t consider bleaching the skin as make up.


You’re right. But it is one of those things that can be forced on them by society. Just like plastic surgery. And that’s horrible indeed.


thank you angellight. guess I looked at him wrong. but no matter still like his acting



He has improved so much in his acting and the way he cries it’s awesome! I don’t criticize his use of lipstick so much or color of skin, I just feel he’s putting his life in danger with the chemicals. In regards to the lipstick usage in his persona, it’s just a matter of culture bc in my culture a man with lipstick is unacceptable unless is for Halloween etc… (but in that culture is a normal thing and acceptable), so I learned to accept him the way he is, lipstick and all.


I think that the makeup people were trying to give Lee Dong Wook a Grim Reaper look with the pale skin and dark lipstick. You know, paleness being associated with death and all.

Too much tanning isn’t good, either. Skin cancer can develop later on in life because of extra exposure to sunlight. Of course, we need the sunlight for Vitamin D, but too much can have bad consequences.

Ah, same here! Men just don’t put makeup on in my culture. If they do, I don’t notice. After watching Korean dramas and learning about the culture, I got used to seeing men use makeup and do facial skin care. It was definitely a learning experience for me. :smiley:


I actually like how it looks. Ofc I don’t like a deep red but it looks nice. (In my opinion)


Have you seen male characters of Love Revolution?


I’m like a year late on this thread but… I’ve never noticed makeup at all on people, I guess because I don’t wear it? :sweat_smile:
But I had to say something about the ears conversation :grin:

EXO’s Chanyeol has these huge pointy ears

but the entire fandom goes crazy over them and even I have to say they’re really cute! :joy::heart_eyes:


who is that other guy that has them, the kid in hero in the neighborhood, for the life of me can’t think of his mname, did he play that vampire? but his ears stuck out!
wow this link is old! and they still use lipstick!!