Eps 15 & 16 - GHOST DOCTOR FINALE PARTY - Feb 28th @ 9 pm Eastern


This is the one that I’m thinking of watching - Do we WANT to watch party it after Red Sleeve - I can’t believe it is almost over!?? I think we need to stay away from historical and try something like
a mystery/crime maybe???

Give me some ideas of the ones that you are wanting to WP - And I’ll set up a VOTE!!!



I’m all for Ghost Doctor. It looks hilarious, and I’m also partial to anything Kim Bum stars in. :wink:


I’ll probably change this to our Ghost Doctor WP link cuz - no one else is voting - so That is the one I want to watch

RAIN and KIM BUM - Yes please!!!


is liking this one??? Should we add it to the list??


I don’t think it’s a drama we can watch party… it’s depressing, tragic and melodramatic. A lot of the time, they’re just standing awkwardly in each other’s presence with their emotions pent up inside. It’s a little slow and i ff quite a bit when they aren’t doing anything.

I like it, as a drama. It’s interesting, intriguing, realistic and suspenseful. But doing a WP with it will be pretty boring.


OK good to know!!! Thanks! Depressing sounds no fun!


Ghost Doctor works for me!


Ghost Doctor! Bring it on!!!




Ghost Doctor is good with me too.


count me in
not 10 pm!!


What is a good time for you - 7 pm??? or 8 pm???


You can add it but we aren’t finished segging it yet and other languages have not worked on many eps yet.


I have to say Rain and Kim Bum bromance is great, almost as good as Namgoog Min and Junho’s in “Good Manager”.


7 pm would be better for me


What time zone is this please? :eyes:


I’m so good with this one. It sounds awesome!


Eastern we will probably do 7 pm Eastern this time


Which day? Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are good days for moi. Haa-ha! Based on vivi_1485’s post, there’ll be heated rapport on who holds it in best, longest, or shortest etc.


any day I guess, and its eastern time