Eps 15 & 16 - GHOST DOCTOR FINALE PARTY - Feb 28th @ 9 pm Eastern


Ah, cool; I probably won’t be able to join most of the time, as I’m 5 hours ahead haha. But I’d still like give it a go, since I’ve never attended a watch party on Viki!


We do Fri and Sat evenings at 7 pm


No go for meee! (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) I’ll keep a lookout :wink: at the moment I’m watching “Girl in Blue” a C-drama.


leerla73, how is that drama, been wanting to watch but havent


This is me right now, take a look :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m really surprised to find it so, current, nokia flip phones, :joy::joy: and all, for the characters, and blackberries. :joy:
I’m liking it, the most notable thing is the difference in mobile, or cell phones.
The film is very sharp, clear, and well preserved, like new💫 it’s a 2010 film.
Only a few of the team members who worked on it, I’ve seen around in discussions.


The drama is really good so far. Personally, it was interesting to hear them mention neurofibromatosis, a congenital disease my oldest son was born with. The severe form of the disease was the subject of the movie “The Elephant Man” but my son has the mild type. However, my son also suffers from an associated disease called pseudoarthrosis.


WOW - that is so interesting when sometimes a show like that brings forth knowledge to some diseases that are not well known! Sounds like this drama is going to be good.


OK guys! So if you are already watching Ghost Doctor and don’t plan to come to the watch party I am going to move the time back to 9 pm! I originally was going to start at 7 pm for @frustratedwriter - are you already watching it and didn’t plan to come to the WP?

Are you guys wanting to start another WP yet??

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m ready for a Fir/Sat WP, either Ghost Doctor of if it’s only us BL fans Why R U?


I’m most likely going to move it back to 9 pm - especially if @frustratedwriter isn’t planning on joining us

But we could do BL too but @irishtigger might not be able to join with gym stuff going on


I’m fine waiting on Why R U? until everyone is available, as you know I’ve already watched it a couple times.

And 9pm works for me for Ghost Doctor.


kdrama, t6hats ok, don’t wait on me. y’all enjoy the drama ok?


My Fridays (and a couple Saturdays) are stupid from now until the end of March. Just tell me what we’re WPing and I will catch up and join in when I can. I’m good with either Ghost Doctor or Why R U. Either way, if it works for everyone else, 9pm Eastern is better for me than 7pm.


@sweetybirdtoo @irishtigger @my_happy_place @porkypine90_261

Let’s move it to next week right now everyone is all over the place and I’m helping that friend still study - Feb 20th
I will re-evaluate our start time next week.

If I’m home tonight by 9 pm, I might to an impromptu movie or something - I’ll let you know!


Which eps, I can catch up to join the watch party.


@natyh We haven’t started yet – brand new WP!


oh great, I have watched the first episode but I can always rewatch!!!


Next week on Fri and Sat at 9 pm Eastern


great! I’ll be there!


Next week works much better for me!