Eps 15 & 16 - GHOST DOCTOR FINALE PARTY - Feb 28th @ 9 pm Eastern


OK - WE ARE on GO for next week as far as I know!!!

Yippie we will get to see you!


Yes, we’ve missed you @natyh!


Yes finally, I decided to keep my trip going since the opportunity came to me lol


I missed you too!!!
Now that I’m back, I’m on the eps 8 of Fall in Love since I never came to watch it with all of you :expressionless:
So far is good, I found Tan Xuanli and his assistant really funny


I actually got behind the watch party on ‘Fall in Love’, too, so I haven’t finished it yet. I think I got up to episode 19 or 20. I agree that Tan and his assistant are great.


Oh, I’ll keep you posted!
Maybe we can do a watch party once I get there :wink:


YAY! “Ghost Doctor” WP is on!!! Next week folks!
Though a WP for “Why R U” is always good too! :wink:
PS: Since we’re on the topic of BLs, has anyone found a place where I can rewatch “Don’t Say No”? After Line TV, I can’t find full eps anywhere. And it happens to be my first and still my fav BL drama.


Really ? You aren’t going to cancel AGAIN? :smirk:


No. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
I love Leo & Fiat so much, I want them back. :sob:


Who? me!! lol
No, I’m already in my apartment, so I’m available.


I’m currently watching this drama. So how do I join the watch party? Do I just go into Viki and look for the watch party session for this drama? Or is there a special link for it? How is it different than watching on your own? Are there other features, other than Timed Comments, that are available during the watch party?

–a WP novice


On the day of the planned watch party, the host (Probably @kdrama2020ali) will post a link in this thread.

When you do a watch party, there is a live text chat function that allows you to chat in real time with everyone else in the watch party. It’s really a lot of fun! Hope you are able to join us.


We will post a link right here in discussions on the day of the WP. Links only work for 24 hours so we can’t post them earlier.


That’s cool. I’ll try to join if I can. :smiley:


Just saw this. I would join but how come the WP is not showing on the WP list on the VIKI homepage?


People who run a watch party can choose whether to have their WP private or public, and only the public ones show up on the home page. This particular WP will not take place until this coming Friday. It will likely be private, so if you want to join, you will have to come to this thread to get the link, but you are welcome to join.


That’s great! I will come back and get the link when it becomes available.


But not all public Viki watch parties show up on the home page either. Just certain ones. The Viki standard ones usually do


We are going to watch this Friday and Saturday at 9 pm!!!


Are you guys READY! for GHOST DOCTOR