Eps 15 & 16 - GHOST DOCTOR FINALE PARTY - Feb 28th @ 9 pm Eastern


I was there until 5th episode lol. I just missed the last watch party.
Are we going to wait until next Friday?




We start back on Friday and Saturday yes - If I can stand it!!! LOL

We start on Eps 8


Great, thanks!!


I missed it. :frowning:
Hope there will be another watch party for Ghost Doctor this week.


The party will continue this coming Friday at 9 pm Eastern Time, at episode 8. If you are able to join, that would be great, and you have time to get caught up to episode 8 before then if you want. We are really enjoying this drama!


Holy cow, how did you all manage to stop yourselves after episode 7?!? I just caught up on the episodes I missed, and I’m dying to watch the next one. I will use all my willpower to pull myself away from starting episode 8, but it’s going to be hard.


Tess was the one who possessed rain i think I’m only on 11 th episode.


Marked it on my calendar this time. :slight_smile:
Just finished the last episode myself but can’t wait to rewatch with a group of fans.


@kdrama2020ali Hi!!! What time today?


I won’t be coming this weekend, but I’ll probably rejoin toward the end of the drama if I can.


I am in heart jail again!

I plan to be there!



Ghost Doctor at 9 pm Eastern Tonight



Just out of curiosity, which episodes will be shown tonight? (Not that’ll be make any difference to me. I will be there for sure).


episode 8 & 9 tonight.


and we will do 10 - 11 - maybe 12 tonight at 9 pm EASTERN


February 26th Watch Party Link


Eps 13 and 14 Tonight

See you guys soon!

Link for tonight 2/27


These two are shouldn’t tell you anything about the drama if you aren’t caught up…


FINALE 9 pm Eastern