Eps 15 & 16 - GHOST DOCTOR FINALE PARTY - Feb 28th @ 9 pm Eastern


Are you going to post the link some time later today? I’ve joined the GH subbing team and worked on Ep. 13, so I can sit back and enjoy it tonight. :wink:


I’m planning on being there but depending on when hubby comes home with dinner (family dinner plans) I’m not sure if I will be late, or end up leaving early. I’ve prewatched the 1st ep incase I’m late, so don’t fret if I’m not around when you start.


Wait, are we watching Ep. 1 or Ep. 13?


Link to Eps 1 of Ghost Doctor - The Beginning


@pakmcham_797 The watch party is underway, so I wanted to tag you and make sure you saw the link in the previous post if you still wanted to join and were available.


Oh my GOSH this is so GOOD - @stardust2466_546 where are you!!! LOL

we missed you catch up - IT IS SO GOOD! LOVE IT can’t STOP watching


New link for ghost doctor


Oops! It is getting darker later and later so I didn’t realize it’s already 6 pm. I need to cook dinner. I may be late.


is it at 9pm?


Natyh I’m starting at 9 so we can do 3 episodes






Extra ghosts



We are back watching at 9 pm tonight Sunday, Feb 20th

We are watching more tonight we can’t stop


Haha, you guys are really into it, eh? Yes, I really like this drama, too. I probably won’t be able to join tonight, but I’ll try to come another time. Enjoy~


I missed yesterday but I caught up! :smiley: Where’s the link?


Ghost Dr

9:15 or 9:30




We are starting where are you guys


Sorry, I had a problem with my computer, how far did you guys go? I can catch up for the next one!


I have to WAIT till Friday! NOOoooOooOOoOoOOOoOOOooOOOoOOOOOooooooo!


We watched 1 - 7, it’s soooo good, I hope you can join us @natyh.