Expiring Licenses


Thanks for the heads up. Do you think sending in title requests would make a difference?

I bought several of these boxed-set dramas when YA Entertainment was still in business, I’m glad I did.


I knew to historical connection between “Tree…” and “Six…” but this is my first time hearing about “Water from a Deep Spring”. Can you share some information about that? I may just end up trying to buy the boxed set of “Six Flying Dragons”.


Okay. Six is sort of a loose “prequel” to Tree with Deep Roots.

There’s this poem and 3 phrases are about the tree, the dragons, and a spring.

The last I heard…is 2019. Water from a Deep Spring - but the titles are not set, nothing really.

This is all by the same people who did Great Queen Seon Deuk. Apparently it takes them some time to put things together. There is VERY little out there about this one so far.

All I know is I DID read it somewhere and well…2019.

Anyway - you COULD watch Six, then Tree - OR Sejong the Great (not here but really good) and Jang Youngsil - and then Queen Insoo - and cover a lot of this period very well. Then…Rebel is partly about Yeonsangun - so that gets you to Jungjong - Jewel in the Palace…

You see what I mean? :slight_smile:

Moa Desaym


Thank you Linda. I did manage to find the poem and some additional information. It’s so helpful of you to share the dramas in chronological order. I’ve made a note of it.
Keep up the good work, friend. You are appreciated.

Copied here ~
In their final interview, the writers of “Six Flying Dragons”, announced their next historical will be called “Deep Spring Water” which would pick up from the ending scene of “Deep Rooted Tree”, and tell the story of Han Myeong-hoe enthroning Prince Suyang as the 7th monarch of Joseon, as well as the story of six martyred ministers.
Pre-quel : Six Flying Dragons (foundation of Joseon dynasty, main character : Lee Bangwon, a.k.a King Taejong)
Original show : Deep Rooted Tree (creation of Hangul, main character : King Sejong)
Sequel : Deep Spring Water (Enthroning of Prince Suyang and Six martyred ministers. Main character : Prince Suyang, a.k.a King Sejo)


I don’t even want to think about the channels, that will vanish without notice since the CM might not be active any longer …

This is such a shame for the fan channels Viki offered a subtitle saver solution, and here nothing but a PM that the channel will be gone. Poor action on their side. Well not a good start for Rakuten VIKI but at least it is in “bright blue”, I am only blue though in light of the developments.


The people I really feel sorry about are the subbers in less common languages who may have recently started subbing on the channels which are expiring. If we had known ahead of time we could have told them don’t waste their effort.


One more to add - The Princess’s Man - that is coming soon - is about Sejo and his children - that would be side-by-side chronologically with Queen Insoo.

Insoo - by the way - took a very long time to sub - 60 episodes - and should be watched. Who knows how long that license is…sigh. It’s excellent, by the way. :slight_smile:

Moa Desaym


How depressing is this? Just got a notification from the CM from “My Love From the Stars” and that drama has its license expiring on 7/17. This is just insane. Some of the most popular k-dramas losing their licenses. What is Viki doing?


This is really unfortunate news. Viki must have the capability of tracking how many times specific content is viewed. Maybe they cut channels that aren’t getting a high volume of views. Whatever the motivation, it’s really a shame.
Well, I know what I’m doing this weekend. I’ve watched once…time to watch again I guess.


Oh thank you. I’ll add this to my compendium of chronology, lol.


Here I am crying and watching “Secret Garden.” It is like my security blanket and it is being yanked from me. So devastating!


@Mirna-- My Love from the Stars has been #2 to Boys over Flowers in popularity since it was first broadcast at viki. Why Why Why are we losing it?


@aznative – look at the number of “followers” and assume they represent only 10% of the people actually watching – only Boys over Flowers has more followers and it is several years older than My Love From the Star so more time to build popularity


@dealiftdiva – If they bring back the Princess Man I hope they will have backed up our subs – we worked hard on that! And even though I worked on the Princess Man – it was not popular with either the viewers or the subbers at viki so if they had to bring something back why not “save” one of the ones which are expiring this month – all of them were more popular than Princess Man.


I don’t get that one either. Most of these dramas are always trending. Why let them go? It’s beyond me.


Although I would like to have some Kdrama back on Viki, I rather have them spending the money on keeping these on Viki… I mean MLFTS gone… really Viki?!
I worked so hard on some of those Kdrama and it’s a bit upsetting. And now I also fear I might get some PM’s too for my CM projects but none so far.

I was planning on rewatching MLFTS but I just started rewatching IHYV, how am I supposed to rewatch both in such a short period?


Test, test …
This thread does not appear on the disscussion front page … Or am I wrong?

It does not - I really hate censorship!!!


@mirna023_316 I feel with you, I need to check on my drama cart file, if there is any drama I have not watched till now, or didn’t write about. And only have time tomorrow. Can one do this without any stimulants?


Yes it does. If you choose “show by latest” as I always do.


@irmar For me it doesn’t. I will try later if it works in a different browser, I have to head out.
The only thing it shows it is updated with the blue bar, but when I click on the blue bar, the blue bar is gone but this thread does not show.

SOLVED - somehow this topic got muted even I can’t remember doing that, at least not this one.