Fall in love with me!

Hi ! I creat thios topic why ? because i think the OST of this drama are just perfect and beautiful !! And the drama too it’s the first taiwenese drama i watch and i’m in love with him !
so please let’s talk about it !

that’s not me :blush:

Half with G.NA :sunny:


@dramaaaaa @Kurama

Omg I want to cry haha
I can’t watch the videos because I live in Germany T_T

I’m in france and watch on viki so you can because we are europ ??? no

That’s not what I mean haha
The videos you posted the songs. I can’t listen to them because of some rights stuff in Germany

oh sorry okais !!! wait juste a minute i will searsh some other ^^



can you watch them ? @dramaaaaa

Yes I can thank you ! You are the sweetest ! :slight_smile:

I like the ost too ! Thanks for sharing

I will be back later. I have a lot to study came to answer you…

okey see you later (lol talk you later) ^^


okay i am FALLING IN LOVE with fall in love with me!!! (get it? hehehehe)

im already up to episode 5!!! @dramaaaaa @melliebean_2 GAH!!! episode 4 was soooo goodddd


I know I watch it after I watch Gap Dong and than no nightmare just awwwwwwwwwsssss and candy fluff thoughts XD

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lol what episode are you in?

me tooooooo ! fall in love with fall in love with me

ahhh i know! aaron is too cute xD

I never knew there was a topic for this! I love this drama seriously after Just You I had to watch him! But I just can’t tip top the idea whats going to happen next. Ahh why did he have to change like that!!! I’m also in love with the ost’s Especially the end one omg! Okay i feel like a kid writing lol! But this drama should be a must for many! I love it!


I really enjoyed the videos . I went search for more mv’s and it made surely one spot on my dramas list !
Thanks for sharing , because if u didn’t i would probably never hear about it .

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AHHHHH!!! omg i love this show. so who’s up to what episode??