Fall in love with me!

here are all the songs of the Ost:

Half一 Aaron Yan feat. G.NA
This Is Not Me - Aaron Yan
The Excessive Me- Aaron Yan (really loving this song from episode 6)
Taipei Dreamin- Aaron Yan
Melted - Popu Lady
The Happiness Is Just Enough- Popu Lady
The Warmth in the Pocket- Hebe

Aaron’s songs (from what i could find on youtube. last one was straight up from the show)



Taipei dreamin:


The Excessive Me- Aaron Yan (from episode 6) i guess you can say its a spoiler? idk tho i dont think so much…

OMGGGG im loving every aaron song T.T so beautiful his voice and everything.



Aaron yan is a talented actor he is so amazing i just loved him in just you it was fantastic to be watched …and this drama is way so much better Good heavens! happiness was just created on my face when i watched episode 6!!

Oh I love the song “excessive me” Is one of my favorite songs of Aaron Yan - OMG <333 I thought, the name of this song was extra love - But whatever, this song is awesome -

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this my prefer song of this drama


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A MILLION THANKS FOR UPLOADING EACH SONG. THIS IS PERFECT, I had no idea his voice was so good, I only knew Jiro and Wu Zun’s voices from Fahrenheit before. Have you heard the band before?


Waiting for the newest one to come out :smiley:

@CNBlandine @ran_chan_5 Yesss!!! i loveeee that song soooo much!! God its good.

ahh i thought it was “extra love” too. you must have seen that comment like i did xD

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yess. omg. episode 6. THE BEST!


OMG mee tooo!!! i was squealing like crazy!!

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NO PROB! i knew everyone was looking for allot of them (like i was, like CRAZY.) his voice is just one more HUGE reason to love him. farenhiet i have seen some of their vids before xD i like some, i dont know all the members tho, only aaron : P

to everyone here, i have a way of getting them in my ipod in a special way. you can find almost ALL kpop/Osts/jpop/cpop songs. and if you cant find it you can download it with no hassle. anyone want to know how they can message me.

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I am so IN LOVE with this twdrama lol I wich i could sit down, watch it on viki add funny comments and all but i had No Time!! Still i love the silly concept and the main actress with Aaron. They have so much chemistry i just can’t contain my sqeals…

Can’t wait for episode 7

i thinks it’s a remix ^^

me too but lu tian xing is really fool why did he kiss her !?

Can someone PLEASE tell me how the song at 47:30 in Episode 6 is called ?!
I searched the WHOLE week, but couldn’t find it! .____.

Yes Lu Tian Xing did a big problem -_- I’m looking forwrd to episode 7…Can’t wait for it -

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more of the Ost.

really beautiful this one:



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LOL how cuteee ^ ^

i love her. but, why doesnt she look as happy to be with aaron as i would be? LOL anyways, maybe she was having a hard day x) aaron looks ecstatic lol


ROFLMFAO!!! It’s the too short clothing about to have a wardrobe malfunction would be my guess…love her heels I WANT a pair!!

YES!! thats what i said!!! i want her heels sooo badddd

LOOOOL that would be a good excuse. wardrobe malfunction. well… wardrobe malfunction or not, this is how i would be:



just like this situation:

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they look perfect and cut togher <3 i love this couple