Fall in love with me!

Aaaaaaannnnnnddddd…I’m in love -

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totally too…

they really do!! i love them to she’s so cute.

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awww i loved those moments!

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did you watch the ep 7 ?

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I’ll watch it later …And I hope I won’t be dissapointed :open_mouth:

i watched it! i liked itttttt xDDD i cant wait for 8!!! jqhjfhda

OMG ep 7 is the best one so far I had tears running down I was laughing so hard…I may rewatch that flower scene!!!

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flower scene? (refresh my memory i watched it yesterday lol)

Where the flower falls on her head and they start like Kung Foo fighting over who will be the one to pick it out…died laughing than Kate ppfftt Miao Miao comes

picks it out…


I realy like this drama


i really don’t understand the MV…


Whoa kk yeah that was twisted jam packed full of metaphors

here’s some of them from various sources off the web that I think are being portrayed…
Suitcase: The suitcase is a metaphor for traveling as well as for the few precious possessions people bring along with them. Now, in situations when someone has to escape a country fast without much planning and can only carry what fits in a suitcase, without knowing if he or she could ever return this becomes a very striking element of their transition into exile.

Red outfit/lipstick: Red is commonly associated with “love” & “passion”
Black veil : the veil itself and how it is symbolic of the sin

I have control over her. I am on top of the situation. He’s in a superior position. He’s at the height of his power. He’s in the high command. He’s in the upper echelon. His power rose. He ranks above me in strength. He is under my control. He fell from power. His Power is on the decline. He is my social interior. He is low man on the totem pole.
Face : To see your own face in your dream represents the persona you show to the world as oppose to the real you. It may refer to how you confront problems and deal with issues in your life.

To dream that your face is flawed or pimply, symbolizes erupting emotions. You may be suffering an attack on your persona or your reputation. According to folklore, if you dream that your face is swollen, then it means that you will see an improvement to your financial situation.

To dream that you or someone has two faces or that the faces changes quickly from one person to another, indicates untrustworthiness. You or someone in your life is acting “two-faced”.

To dream that you are washing your face, suggests that you need to come clean about some matter.
Music box: I think may be in reference to Rousseau’s music box in which the Analysis: The music box can be seen as a metaphor for Rousseau’s psyche as she had been “solitary” for so many years. Much like the box, she had been broken by Ben. By speaking with someone for the first time in years, she finally had contact and was able to heal somewhat. This is supported by the fact that when Sayid asks to be let go (ceasing contact), the music box stops playing immediately as Rousseau says “Go?” in a heartbroken tone.

Eatting apples at the end : Green apples are notably sour, and apples are associated with Adam and Eve, the cost of desire etc. The speaker has eaten a whole bag, not just a bite.

The literal image is of the physical sense of fullness and carrying weight. It is clearly a negative feeling— guilt, physical discomfort of overeating equates to carrying weight of new life.


Am i the only one who loves his bad/mean side ? I fell for that personality even tho he isn’t treating her very well. Maybe because he’s so spontaneous when he’s his old self.

Btw i feel like having second lead Syndrom with one character 0.o i mean how can i have second lead Syndrom when the second lead is actually the main lead ? 0.o

Soo this drama took me by surprise when he (Aaron) says he’s going to make her fall in love with the rich version of himself. Now I’m curious to see how this turns out. Before that I was only so-so on this drama.

Some additional thoughts on this drama. .
 1. I love Butler Fu.  Brilliant!  
 2. Time Comments … need I say more? I’m not sure I’d like this drama as much without them.
3. The soundtrack is pretty good. (Althought, there have been some really bizarre song placements) How many Songs does Aaron sing on it?

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ohhh LOL yeaa. “kung foo fighting” loloolol really they were fighting like that, that was funny.
when ever they say “miao miao” (especially leo) i cant help but think “meoww meowwww”


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thanks it’s perfect i understand now

did you now where i can find the new song in the ep 7 ?

i am SO behind on this drama, but i love it so much!!


what part does the song come at? i kinda have no idea …

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