Fall in love with me!


no prob xD i love all of the ost too! its fantastic… speaking of the ost, here’s another 1 from the Ost, called “hidden love/Warmth in my pocket” by hebe tien. love this song to. this is a fanmade video so warning as it may give you possible spoilers if you havent watch episodes i think 11 or 12. again, im not sure but anyways Love this song!


I officially want to take huan huan her mother and lance and strangle them!
WTF! Well I hope that if they are going to be working under leo’s private name then i hope they can get an ad that will allow them to get Oz Back!


a bunch of crazies… thats what they are… ugh! and Spoiler just when they started to get back together too!


maybe unpopular opinion, but this drama started out so amazing (with aaron showing his abs all the time lol) but now…


LOL don’t be sad. I think this drama isn’t worth watching it and dropped it long time ago. Don’t be sad… I was disappointed because I love Aaron and thought the drama would be good.


I actually am going forth with watching it. I just hope for leo to stand up and man up!


yeah, but it was nice being able to listen to all his songs haha


Oh dear, me too, I dropped it also.


hahahaha is that even a surprise? LOL we always have the same taste in dramas no wonder you dropped it too :smiley: going to call you sister from now on madame
You removed your pic right? I noticed I remember the pics more than the names on viki :smiley:



I Love Aaron Yan since he played his role on " They Kiss Again " and love his voice since he was a member of boyband “Fahrenheit” .

And now, I love him more and more. He is more mature and more handsome.

He is one of my fave stars from Taiwan :slight_smile:


Do you have any idea whether Leo and Huan Huan is a real couple?
When I looked at Beatrice’s instgram, some photos show that they are quite close.


Ok… I just watched the final episode, LTX and TLS were really cute, but OMG Huan Huan’s character made me wanna punch her til death XD so annoying, but it’s the writer’s fault… they dragged this way too long. Aaron is so good and he deserves to act in better dramas :stuck_out_tongue: this wasn’t a T-Drama, this was a T-SUPERMEGADRAMA XD


The Taiwanese ones tend to do that.


im just glad its over lol as i just finished it too a while ago.


hahahaha totally I agree with you… some episodes have a really-boring-episode, it’s such a long-storyline which is no need, I think


OMG!!! my fave song from this ost and it just came out!!! havent watched it yet will now, so enjoy ppl :slight_smile:


Awww, you too? :smiley:


I think that’s almost everyones favorite OST besides the opening Half xDDD


agreed ^ ^ i got so used to “half” but its still a good song, just heard it too much lol

love the song ^ ^ and hay! havent seen you in a while :slight_smile:


Yeah, exactly xDD

Yeah, sorry :sweat_smile: You know school and stuff like that xD But nevermind ^^ What’s up? Did I miss something xD :smiley: