Fall in love with me!

I have been without internet for a very long time! but thanks to u all i have been updated! im on episode 9 i hope i can get through this huan huan girl that won’t grow up and live her life! i guess no one told her that a life without a string is amazing!

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trust me. it gets worse O.O lol… i just finished episode 11 and … the girl needs some help lol. i mean, i know it hurts to be rejected or whatever but at some point you gotta say “look. i think i should try and move on now” lol nd have some self respect/dignity.

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where??? i want to see the previewwwww !

I just hope that her storyline with wanting him gets totally cut out, and I hope she doesnt mess around with others relationships too.
Really why would you still want to linger around someone who already dissed you! In my head im like get a life but also as you said it’s like you really don’t care for your dignity or respect from others.

yesss exactlyyy. i mean, it hurts, but no matter how much you still need your respect and not show him that you are a winy little baby who cant understand no, because that will only make him run away farther. she’s cute sometimes, but she needs help. xD but i understand its just a character. i wouldve been said a long time ago “piece and goodbye, you beautiful aaron you.” and not forget to love myself if i was her. ^ ^



lmao! Love the gifs!

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it makes me very curious too.
is her storyline still with LTX or another guy?

I think, Huan Huan - Leo is okay

yes the second one but i already download the album

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HAHAHAAHAHA that was me when I subbed EXACTLY that stupid part when she

Let go of his hand and now can’t walk because of it. At least that was what I had to sub it was torture.

I am really waiting that this gets better so I can watch it again but doesn’t look like that lol

ahh great ^ ^ so you got it! i downloaded the songs too

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LOL well, i dont have a problem with it, i cant complain, there are parts where you go “okay, wut?” lol but i still enjoy it, im waiting to see what happens next week ^ ^ it drags just a tad, but thats alright. i just hope something exciting happens next week

just finished for episode 12. so many questions and emotions in mine…

I really don’t have time for dramas at all so when i watch one here and there it must be awesome :smiley: this one really drags and I have to admit i liked the female lead at first but then she started that crying in every freaking episode woah i know love hurts but come on nobody died it could be worse than that.

I couldn’t get into this one at all, dropped it ages ago. May of course return to finish it but would only be if nothing good was showing, not likely.

Does anybody know if only me I can’t see the complete subs for Episode 13?


i can’t see the episode so we are same ^^

thats true, we need them to be fantastic if we dont have time to watch many of them! and she really does cry allot.

this weeks episode ended with a weird omg. did anyone see it?

Thanks for posting The Only Rose, it is the only song I don’t have downloaded yet. Love this OST!

yea, i did! yesterday. GRRRR that family!