Family research anyone?


just curious if anyone would be interested, I am doing this yes cause of boredom!

and people that manage these sites, if this is not something to put on here, just go ahead and delete.


If one of those 2,084 ninth great-grandparents would have one day missed the trekschuit, he/she might never have met his/her SO … :open_mouth:


Wow, this is mindblowing! :exploding_head:
So my familytree must be veeeeery old :hushed:


What if anybody here turn out to be cousins? :open_mouth:


I don’t know, the odds to be born is as equal to as not having been born. So Finland has been invaded by Russia numerous times during the centuries/millennia. Sometimes wiping out 25-50% of the population. My grandparent got “evacuated” from Karelia during the winter war. That means, without the war he would probably stuck around his home and married someone more local. Instead he met my grandmother and spawned the offspring that eventually lead to me. Without war, death, tragedy and other complete misery, I wouldn’t have been born.


That’s incredible. I completely understand why there are cultures who venerate their ancestors. I have wondered about my ancestors myself.

I previously shared that my Mom revealed pleasantly surprising DNA ancestry - it’s cool to know that not only do I have SE Asian ancestry but also South Asian, Chinese, Ashkanazi Jewish and Italian :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: . My ancestors - they got around :sweat_smile:.


I can relate to that.
My paternal grandparents met when India was controlled by Britain and my maternal grandparents met when Korea was under Japan.
Without the wars, I probably wouldn’t have been here reading this thread and talking about this right now.


Here! :grinning:I found relatives by chance. I’m into ancestry and doing family research and one day I found a kind of greatgreatcousin online via some genealogy forums. We had contact on this forum and via email for some years, but eventually lost contact. When my eldest daughter went to high school, she got a bunch of new teachers and had to fill out the class list with address and email address. And one day her teacher asked me, because our email address was so familiar, if I would maybe be his greatgreatcousin. :grinning:


My mother-in-law comes from the former German/Russian border, she is German. Her ancestors are German, Russian, Polish and Mongolian. She fled during WW 2 when the “Red Army” was invading her hometown and came to my hometown Bonn. My father-in-law is German with a quarter French. And my ancestors are German, Dutch, French and Spanish, Christians, Jews, Hugenots :grinning:


wow y’all surprised me! thanks for responding! hey whoever said it, well of course we are cousins wayyyyy down the line!, I am a genealogist, but when someone wrote all that out, it was really mind boggling, surprising…my ancestors are supposedly to be German so there you have that again thanks
for the response


Have you ever used the Church of Latter-Day Saints/Mormons records? I heard they’re pretty good.


Me too, although in my case there were no wars or other countries involved, just a disease. And if my mom’s first husband would have survived that, then my sis and me would never have been born.


yes I use LDS quite often right along with Ancestry, also got a bunch of free links I can look into as well.
and yes they are good, thay do have the records!!

isn’t it amazing how we can look back and see them and we do ask the “what ifs”…oh yeah about 5 years ago I decide to go to technical college for some things I wanted to learn, and lo and behold one of my teachers was a 3rd cousin or so! we later got together and talked about the name and all, its one of my brick walls and hers too.
I do enjoy meeting people, and you know I am a nut talking about Atlantis and all, but there we just don’t know. anyway, I do love helping others with theior family trees too. I did get the DNA done, and what a mix! well y’all have a great day or night. again thanks for responding to this. made my day!!



I had a link but it didn’t work, anyway you could be my cousin!!

I hope this does work, and as far as I know this will work for other parts of the world

if you want to do some research that is.


everyone, found this and it was an eyeopener, this is a bit more than my other message, and at the end! look cousins twice?? can you imagine? so here we are, cousins!!


just a bit of genealogy humor


ok enough!! y;'all have a great & blessed day!


That “grave” disease though :rofl::rofl:


And let’s not forget aunties, uncles and cousins!
My mother and my father’s sides have both a lot of sisters and brothers and each got children. Imagine +10 cousins I could play with!

The new generation has less children, it’s less lively.


so true! heres something y’all may be interested in



hmmmm! wonder if thats my ancestor??!!



and I do this