Family research anyone?


if any of you nave genealogists around, I really hope you appreciate them.

as for me, I really don;'t know what I will do with all that I have collected, the family really not interested. Thought I would give them to a genealogy society, or family really disheartening,.



another question for y’all. have any of you done a DNA test?

this article was quite interesting. hope you enjoy it


How do you log your family tree? Or do you use what is provided by the websites?


for you join free of course, make your tree, then whenever you want to see your tree you just sign in.

Ancestry of course one has to pay for this one 6 months for a certain amount, sign in every time, but you create a tree on there.

another one is a free one called you join, sign in, create your trees, I like this one cause there is a lot of help here.

and there’s more places, some you pay some you don’t. and there are these places that sell you a program, mine is Family Tree Maker,

I got this through a group I am in, which was free to me. but if you wanted it, though the company itself, does cost money, not sure how much,

And there are a lot of these programs out there that do this, you will have to do some research on that. oh and BTW I think Ancestry is or has a free program for people to download, not sure of the name at the moment. maybe different in your country as

should I put a couple of links on here?


Thank you for the information :smile:

If you want to, but you don’t have to :blush: I’m finding a way to log mine (I have the information spread here in there) in one place :wink:


ok thats good, google it is a great helper

thought y’all would get a kick out of this





and I have done this one!Q





well I again messed up, gotta clear one of my ancestors, gosh what a job, wouldn’t trade it for anything!

thats what i get for not researching the new info!


and the question I ask are we ??







I really hope someone is enjoying these



Interesting topic. :slight_smile: Thanks for the links. :rose:
Any insight about services that provide such discovery via testing? Which is better - more credible or accurate or extensive? For instance:

Probably more out there, apart from the above.

This article is helpful, but it would be nice to hear from folks I know (Vikiverse). Has anyone tried any of these tests?

I’m asking because I’m trying to find the best value and best credible results to fulfill a couple of Christmas wishes. I’m also wondering if such testing would be of any help in finding long lost relatives, for instance, a sibling?


well you touched on three I know about if nothing else I would do research on them,

I did pick Ancestry cause its well known, also find I think they have one. there are a lot of them, the 123 one you mentioned is good too,

find comments about them before you take a step you won;'t be disappointed .

again emphasis research, research, research. and let me know what you decided,

oh and btw, fyi, ancestry does have a sale on for the DNA test and do it soon cause won’t last too much longer
check that out as well

I do have the Ancestry DNA I have to pay extra if I want the health one. But it is concise for me, and know where families came from, you get a read out as well. I don’t mean trying to sell Ancestry, just giving you info .like I said research!!




Thanks for your response @frustratedwriter. Appreciate it. :tulip::tulip:

No worries. I don’t think anyone would think of it that way. It’s good to know that Ancestry is good. I’ve been told that 23andMe is good, too. I am still doing my research and am in fact hoping for a better deal to come along during this pre-Christmas sale season.


jadecloud88 theres a sale now on Ancestry, $40.00. don’t know how much longer the sale will be on.
yes 23&me is a good one too








one more!!



Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t purchased any yet, but will do so soon. :wink:




thats enough for today


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