Family research anyone?


yeah census takers were taught to write by chickens, hehehehe cant read the “chicken scratches!!”



Interesting news today how a family tree genealogy helped to ID a victim of a killer. Closure at last.


really interesting , the police looking into DNA of people. OH wow I gotta read that one! to finally solve crimnes of years ago, I could think of other crimes as well, and worldwide, would be interesting to know 1. boston strangler, 2 hillside killer, 3 and the rest


Just read the article, how awesome that DNA finding!! now lets find the other ones!!!

did Korea ever find the guy that killed those girls in late 1980"s y’know the Gap Dong story
and that other one can’t think of at the moment, the guy using the old radio and conversing with someone in that time period. how awesome!!


The serial killer is alive and well is been FED with tax payers money, and is 100% healthy in a jail. He got married and had children. NONE of his victims got that chance. I BELIEVE IN THE DEATH PENALTY for killers like him that there are no doubt they killed ppl.

That was a 14 year old runaway girl that crossed path with this serial killer.
That’s the reason why I always say when is your time no matter where you hide…it will come and get you. Can you believe this 14 year old girl today would have been only 51 years old?

God knows that poor child ran away from an abusive home, and her bad luck she ends up being killed by this monster that ‘‘bragged’’ on the many victims he had killed, like he wanted to be in a world record book or something.

Gary Ridgeway


Gary Leon Ridgway, also known as the Green River Killer, is an American serial killer. He was initially convicted of 48 separate murders. Wikipedia

Born: February 18, 1949 (age 72 years), Salt Lake City, UT

Date apprehended: November 30, 2001

Spouse: Judith Lorraine Lynch (m. 1988–2002), Marcia Lorene Brown (m. 1973–1981), Claudia Kraig Barrows (m. 1970–1972)

Children: Matthew Ridgway

Parents: Mary Rita Ridgway, Thomas Newton Ridgway


Ok! I’ll play! My guesses:
The fish colorist probably painted statues or some such
The Knight thimbler was a seamstress
the railway disinfector cleaned up after people’s messes.
The underclothing examiner may have been a QC in a factory or a perv. :laughing:
The midgets are their children
the imbecile is unhappy with their position in life? lol
the knocker-up was probably the line supervisor.
Sand views. hmm… I know! A Lost Navajo sand painter. :joy:

gynmnast to house painter - had to climb the walls to paint them
Turnip shepherd was a farmer
Emasculator was an angry housewife :scream: OR castrated animals
Sampler of drugs was the local addict.
the fatuous pauper was the local foolish bum
the drowner drowned witches
Count as female was a crossdresser? :grin:
Fish-bender stuffed fish into cans.
Goldfish catcher caught the fish to put into cans by the fish-bender :laughing:
Cow-banger whacked cattle with an ax at the slaughterhouse.
The “running about” was a mom chasing down the toddlers before they fell into the well/creek, stairs, out the window, etc.
the grape dryer made raisins
the beef twister-made pretzel jerky :laughing:
The random waller did drive-bys where they grabbed someone and plastered them into the nearest available architecture. :rofl:


Any researcher ever went through the Arolsen Archive?


heres something for other genealogists, thought a list would help. one thing, question, can others in different countries do research in these links? Just curious. and if no one is interested, I’d like to know, maybe just stop this…

Most of us like free genealogical resources, right? If you are like me, you have a set number of “go to” websites for searching and browsing for pertinent records and record collections. I have a number of them that I use all the time. I have put together my Top 40 Free Online Genealogy Websites for you to skim through. Maybe there are a few you don’t use or may not have even heard of. This reference guide has the links and a very short description of each site.

Get this Free Downloadable Reference Guide and start visiting these websites. You’ll be glad you did! [](


Another one just found through her DNA they finally after 30 years found who her family was and her parents are dead but an uncle spoke on TV about her disappearing at 16 years old. It was Homicide but they have no clue as to who or why she was killed.

I saw this story too TODAY and it makes no sense bc she’s still living with the baby’s father and doesn’t explain why she strangled the baby boy.


and he married that many times? surprised the wives didn’t know.

wow! to the other story!!


It breaks my heart that his son is known as the child of a serial killer that killed 48 girls/women.




talking about the DNA, another murder has been solved, and the guy that did it committed suicide in 1970, so the science is really doing something awesome!! just read that one today


lutra could you explain Arolsen Archive?


It’s an archive that keeps documents and belongings from people who were kept in concentration camps in Germany and at its best they can give them back to family members. I wonder why it didn’t happen earlier in our case because the Red Cross was asking our town if there could be relatives in town in 1964 long after the war and the last name wasn’t that common and my grandpa even has his second name as his first name. So it is a question that repeatedly comes up and makes me wonder what happened?

We got documents a few years ago, 2 or 3, from my grand uncle, who died in Dachau, a few days after the liberation by the Americans unbeknownst to our still living family members. His brother my grandfather never spoke about him, his name was known to the family but not where he went, or what happened to him. He was also more than 20 years older than my grandpa, I think my great-grandfather had married twice, if I am not wrong. I can’t tell much about the family dynamics, my grandma died when I was 7 and my grandpa when I was 11 and back in the days you wouldn’t talk to children about this stuff.

I wondered if there is anyone else out there having a family member as a survivor or victim of that time.

I got a picture of him from the archive


as a genealogist, I am curious, don’t think any of my kin is in any of this, thank you for sharing this, I have bookmarked it for future references. and its really interesting. so many people!!


I discovered something on Youtube yesterday (Thursday) that one lady that does genealogy, tip hints and so on. ok we have DNA results and all cousins and so on, I never thought on how to “connect the dots” well the lady explained the how to and all, what a lesson!!! so I am working on that and will work on it as well, I did find a couple just yesterday, closer kin than I thought, hey breaking down that brick wall piece by piece!! (Catherine, I think her name is)
y’all have a great day, and hopefully you are researching your ancestors too



heres something we all need to be reminded , we do have ancestors that need their stories told, so many!!

wow what a list!! and one looks for these??

church minutes(Quakers,I guess)


wouldn’t that be great?? a Korean, or chinese or thi, or the USA, or…