Family research anyone?


I have got to try this!



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My mother made a list and proved that I have royal blood in 16th and 8th century, Willem van Oranje is in my family. Also I am direct descendant from Karel de Grote, who ruled in a big part of Europe… so the castles in Germany are partly mine… but I have to share them with 2.000.000 other descendants. Although I speak some Chinese, my family tree shows no Chinese people for the last 1000 years. 为什么?


all i can say just do your research,


I was an Enumerator, :joy:this is right up my alley :rofl::rofl::rofl:


heres another “off the wall” one for us to laugh about



just a FYI today,I thought this would be boring, but I discovered RootsTech on Family search, discovered some new ways to break down a couple of my brick walls, AND you can find all these on youtube as well.

you pick & choose what you want and watch, again quite interesting! a good learning pieces too.


I’d like to ask y’all something, for other people in different countries, where do you go to do your research of your family tree, just curious here.

and yes I would like to know. or do y’all do, and the like? and is anyone interested in this link or should I just stop it?




Post away to your hearts content, otherwise it’ll just eat you up inside. There will always be someone who comes along in time, who goes this is my jam!
You’ve had 2.0K views on this topic, I’d say, there is a lot of interest. :blush: Not to mention this is badged as a nice topic :wink:


thanks leerla73, just wanted to know , I don’t get many responses on this one, so thanks for the upl;ift, I will keep on keeping on then!!




Are you ready for the 1950 census release? Learn what you can do now to prep your genealogy research for the April 2022 release!

ok “different countries” do y’all have censuses? anyway, this is some great info. hope you use it


Cyndi’s List

0Mar2acgh tffts4 omr3g5mma1t 1:18h PM · was launched 26 years ago today. The purpose of the site is to categorize resources found online for your genealogical research and to make it easier for you to find what you need. Be sure to browse the Categories ( to look for topics of interest that include locations, ethnicities, records, occupations, religions, methodology and more.

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this is another link that has a lot of info for us to use



it shows a huge map of where your ancestors might be

y all this is quite neat!


Be sure to pin family history articles about:

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I found a bunch of these links today, so I got a lot of work cut out for me. hope y’all get something out of these too.
I was going to put those 120 links on here, but think it would have been too big


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I don’t recall if I ever put this one on here, but thought y’all would enjoy





oops I should have read it! this is not my family, but thought it interesting

I didn’t realize maps were that important


oh so true, I got stuff to do!!