Family research anyone?


ok enough for today,

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How To Find & Use Google Books For Genealogy Research Are you overlooking this free source of genealogy ebooks? Explore how to use Google books to find thousands of free family histories!




So, I’ve been tracing for a couple years now. All the times I’ve been to Canada and never knew many of the founders were my ancestors (red dots on plaque)! Some of their homes are still standing from the 1600’s! Have traced that side back to the 1500’s in France…the French were great at documentation. Sad to say, but the bit of German and my Irish side have proven to be impossible. Yes…it is TOTALLY addictive. I found a couple murderers, bigamists, a “loose woman” among the brave pioneers. I have done bios with pics and documents for about 200 so far…still have hundreds to go.miville%20home Premier%20Quebec%20red


You’ve got another of those root finders - seekers!
Psst! See above post!


now thatsa what I am talking about, y’all get with the program and share stuff like joongkijunkie!

have you looked into family search? thats a freebe, and this is worldwide, and a program called roots tech they recently did, its really awesome. and yeah join familysearch, like I said it is free. hey let me know if I can be of help, and yes a freebe


got it and responded, thanks!!




I had fun with it!










googlebooks, look for the genealogy ones

International archives




These numbers seem familiar…hehe


I think you should have put that on the cafe link, this is more for genealogy ,family search, and so on.
oh and why are those numbers familiar except in a game that I don’t really understand.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



thats what I need to do, maybe I can break down my brick walls!