Family research anyone?


I guess no one is interested







And lots of cultures marry their cousins so doubled up on the ancestors in those cases.


Yea and that turned up a SURPRISE to say the least. lol


Ow Gawd! That’s like going anywhere with my mom and gramma. It was always a trip of ‘remember when’ and ‘what used to be there before that one got torn down’. :thinking:

So, I know where EVERYTHING used to be in San Francisco down to the sunken, abandoned ships under downtown. :rofl::joy::crazy_face::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I also know where all the bodies were buried before they dug up everyone and moved them to Colma. uh. Yep, They did move everyone except those on the Presedio.


oh yes did mine last year. neat to find cousins, and the strange ones too

now I am going to do my family tree, havent done it since before Christmas. so if any of you want to contact me , I am on facebooki, or email me, although one problem… MOTIVATION! where did it go??








boy thatsa a neat one!


Happy new year y’all!!


Just PERFECT! I have so many Luddites as relatives… and not a one of them uses computers. :rofl::joy:


nows thats really funny esp woith us being computer ;literates today, oj I know they go to someone that they know do genealogy and ask for their help[!!


Yea, I wanted to set up a VIki watch party with my sisters because they are an absolute HOOT to watch a show with but the only one who is computer savvy doesn’t have a computer and the one who does is afraid of breaking it so no watch parties. I’ll have to go visit them (1000 miles away) to watch movies in person. And they average 1000 miles in every direction! 985 to Washington or 995 to California and 1693 miles to Kentucky. Yea, Spread out all over the country. They are too far to just drop in and say hi.


love it!! my family is from 200 to 66 miles from me, but they don’t care about Viki stuff, and if I mention genealogy, nope to that too. so what I do they just arent interested.


Yea, They all say to ask me if they have any questions about ancestors but they don’t take the time to sit down and remember it like I did.

My mom and grandmothers would tell the histories and it was interesting because to place a person, they always started with themselves and went back and forth on the tree to locate the person who they were talking about. I always knew how everyone was related because of this. But my brothers/sisters/ nephews/nieces are too lazy to remember all this so I published it all on ancestry and gave them all the link. The only unfortunate thing is I have one nephew who is a LDS convert and the thing with Mormons is that they want to go and baptise all their ancestors and make them into Mormons. I was thinking, “Do you even KNOW your ancestors? If you did you would not ever try to do that.” But my mom said to never mind him because the ancestors would just ignore him.

Oh! HILARIOUS story! My grandpa was a heathen! My paternal grandfather wanted to marry my gramma but she said no because he was not a Catholic. Sad, he went away but came back a couple of months later and told her he had become a Catholic.
She said, Really! What church?"
“He answered Saint Ignasius.”
My grandmother was dumbfounded!, “That’s not Catholic! that’s Episcopalian!”
My grandfather was so surprised he defended himself with, “But they wear black robes!”

:rofl: :joy: :smiley: :innocent: :scream: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


and p/s they wanted me to be baptized for each relative, I don’t think so! my ancestors as far as I know were Quaker and I am sure they were baptized in their faith. and they wanted to argue with me about that. They may do fantastic records and all but some of the things just turned me off

neat story anyway!!



hmmm I find that interesting about what the author thinks about ancestors. It says that they are in a hole in the ground. - just a body no longer used. No longer having any vitality. No longer existing! How sad!

To our family, ancestors are not in a hole in the ground. Their spirits/souls are very much alive and well and doing whatever ghosties do. Feed them. Talk to them. They can hear you and will watch out for you. :smiley:


so many stories lost


ooo not me! I went and bugged them to tell me all the time. :smiley:






I was thinking about doing this one!!



my german ancestry…


guess I could have put this one on the history one, but this one ios mainly for gbenealogy research

War memorial in Geisberg, France (moved from its former location in Altenstadt). It was dedicated for those Prussian soldiers who lost their lives during the Franco-Prussian War at the Battle of Weissenburg (Battle of Wissembourg) on August 4, 1870

On the monument it reads,“Das erste Preussengrab für Deutschlands Einheit” (The first Prussian grave for Germany’s unity).


My thing is I want to research those illusive Germany ancestors, and havent gotten very far with it.