Favourite fantasy and historic inspired shows

Hi guys,

in this thread I like to share & talk about some of my favourite series. I’ll not only post a list but also some additional notes, why/what I really like about a series.

Please use spoiler settings when you post certain details about the shows you like.

I’m looking forward to your posts and hope we’ll find some new and interesting series to watch :slight_smile:

List of series I like (to be continued):

Ashes of Love

I mostly liked the story because of the brother conflict and some side characters (sadly, they are only side characters and didn’t get an own show yet). The evil characters are played in a way that one can really hate them while watching it, so the actors play their roles well. The characters also show some kind of self-development in terms of realizing things about themselves and questioning themselves.

Empresses in the Palace

The version I watched was very short (~6 episodes, now I read that there should be also a longer one), but even it was so short it was interesting to watch and there is a sequel that I didn’t watch yet, so it’s hopefully as good as the first season.

Ice Fantasy

The beginning was a bit boring because of battle scenes but after a while the story and characters are quite catching. Even though it has many characters and the story is very complexe, the show is able to give an insight in the different characters, their backgrounds and why they behave in the way they do.

The ending that was also the beginning is quite painful and let me feel sorry for that character even after I finished watching it. It’s kinda rare that I feel like a character deserve to be released with a different ending or at least a part 2 for being released.

Secret of the Three Kingdoms

The main reason to start watching “Three Kingdoms” was Ma Tian Yu who played one of the main characters in Ice Fantasy. (In a way there are some similarities between the two characters he plays although one is historic inspired and the other is a fantasy story). Three Kingdom has a well written story and characters. It is interesting but also with funny and sometimes relaxing scenes. Compared to other dramas (including fantasy) it’s been way less violent and cruel so far. It has nice costumes and settings without the despaired atmosphere so it is good for chilling after watching (tons of) emotional exhausting sad storys :smiley:

(not sure how it ends yet)

Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

Three Lives has some similarities to Ashes of Love and Ice Fantasy, in the way of complexe storyline with many side characters, areas (within the world) and background stories of each character. The costumes and settings are beautiful, the 3D effects were sometimes better than in other shows. The show gives the characters the option to make progress in their personalities so the viewer is able to go with them through a large number of years.

Since the characters appear (live) in different worlds and times through (re)incarnation, the story has another aspect that others don’t have.

This does have a second season, which I haven’t been able to find anywhere legally - so I haven’t watched it. If I’m not mistaken it’s called Ice Fantasy Destiny :slight_smile:

I also request the secnd season of ICE FANTASY here so often, but… ;___________;

Maybe netflix will show it since they have Ice Fantasy and the sequel is just 16 episodes long or so.

I just hope the sequel then is less frustrating as fan of a certain character than the end of Ice Fantasy xD

Of all on this list, I’ve only seen Ashes of Love, and I’m on ep. 45. I haven’t been able to bring myself to finish it because I’m forseeing a lot of emotionally exhausting scenes. Plus, my favorite character is Dragon, so seeing how he developed, I’m not too happy about that. I really like him, but I’m okay with Phoenix. I’ve taken a break from Chinese dramas, the ones I’ve watched seem to involve almost everyone dying in the end, except for maybe Ever Night and a few others I’ve seen. Plus, the length of Cdramas just intimidates me sometimes. It’s easier to watch them when they are on air and are released a few episodes at a time.
But, I really recommend Ever Night, even though there is around 60 episodes, the story drew me in. Plus, Arthur Chen’s and Song Yi Ren’s acting were great. The supporting cast really let them shine through, while shining in their own right. The story wasn’t too dark and tragic for me, and I’m eagerly awaiting a season 2

Yeah I’ve had that hope for a while, but they are taking their time…

If you are jumping from the more modern dramas (with 16 - 20 episodes), to a Korean or Chinese (historical) drama (with 52 -72 episodes) it can be intimidating. And Chinese dramas tend to end sadly (I guess that is their ‘trope’?). But the whole process of it is worth your while :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen Ever Night yet (but I worked on it so I guess I’ve seen a lot of scenes :wink: and it seems like a fun drama.

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Thanks for the tip, I will check it :slight_smile:

About your concerns with the Dragon brother, you should continue watching it! He is my favourite character in Ashes of Love as well, together with the Snake and the Fox ghost and its ending is not that frustrating like Ice Fantasy’s. (For Asian style it could be said, the story has a happy end).

Before I got into C/K dramas I watched lots of anime over years and they also tend to have sad endings/emotional exhausting plots. There are plenty of anime with main characters dying. For relaxing these storys won’t be good but for more “thoughtful” entertainment I like them more than the surface like romance/comedy/dramedy stories.

I like that they usually have ~60 episodes. It’s like reading a novel. When I feel too sad by the emotional exhausting plots of C dramas I just switch to some US/EU series that can be thrilling or funny but do usually only have like 6-10 episodes and rarely caught me like the C dramas.

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For me the sad endings/storys about loss feel much more realistic than all the happy ending stories.

Life isn’t always easy and nice and people often only develop though extreme situations.

Many Asian storys (like anime/C-K dramas) include philosophical aspects so I think it is natural to touch people and get them into emotional depths similar to fairy tales or sagas or Old Greek myths.

It is fascinating to see how certain aspects of Old Greek myths appear in an altered way in today’s C dramas. e.g the Hades river & Eurydike or Prometheus. Of course it could be that ancient Chinese myths have the same or at least very similar details. Anyway it is interesting that such elements are still part of today’s Chinese dramas while all the Western stuff I watched during the past years did never have such aspects.

Very well said. That is the reason I like watching the different types of dramas :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if people “only” develop through extreme situations, but people certainly develop through experiencing different aspects of life :blush:

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There is Orange Marmalade(Bonus it has vampires) and Hello Dear Ancestors (This one is more of a time travel but there are undertones, but it does not focus on reincarnation as a whole) , Scarlet heart.(This one is amazing, the Korean Version only has one season, but the Chinese version has two seasons, both dealing with reincarnation and time travel, I love it, but personally not my type of flow ect, but give it a chance it is pretty amazing!) Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter this was is all about reincarnation, it is pretty damn amazing! I Cannot Hug You is pretty amazing! It has vampires, but not the traditional one, while watching the main lead is kind bratty? but she does evolve as the series goes on, so if you give it chance, it does get better, and it has an amazing concept, and to me I found the romance, and comedy just very good, and the guy lead is an amazing actor, this drama is on my top 10. The show The Love Knot: His Excellencys First Love (Moonshine and Valentine) is really great! it deals with reincarnation of his lover over and over again. It is also a fantasy! The ending is a great plot twist! Somehow 18 is also really amazing, deals with time travel.
Oh! My Emperor is by far my favorite on the list. It deals with time travel and minor reincarnation(The last episode). All in all this one is the best one on the list in my opinion! It is kind of childsih, but a great drama if you are looking for something with a lot of humor, love, romance and all around family undertones. It has fantasy and adventure, and some really amazing actors and the twist at the end it just beautifully made. It did not feel as if they threw something at the very last moment, but that is my personal opinion, but IT IS AMAZING! Gu Family book! Is also amazing! The only thing I did not like was the ending seemed sloppy and just like it was thrown in at the last moment. I feel as if they should have made another video afterwards but that is me personally. It is really great tho, a lot of great characters and will pull at your heart strings, but also make you feel like “what the hell were they thinking” 10 out 10. Beauty inside No words can define how much I love this drama. Great concept, and at some parts will make you wish you could just hug him/her and then make you just smile. Worth the watch. Splash Splash Love is pretty good, short, sweet and simple.

*Most of the dramas deal with fantasy, time travel and reincarnation, reason being to me I am more of a fantasy, sci fy and comedy fantasy type person.

The more serious dramas, mainly dealing with vampires.
Vampire flower ok this one was not horrible?? but if you like twilight this is perfect, if you are like me that hates twilight then you will not like this, but the acting is not bad per say. It it is at least better then twilight.
Love in time again ok, not bad personally not on my top 10 but it is what ever like it has great plot.
Blood is just amazing, no words can describe it, it has thrilling concepts and a whole originality type thing, to me some parts like ok we seen this before over and over, but with most dramas it is bound to happen. Most korean dramas can seem to overlap (Most don’t but some do).
The Scholar Who Walks the Night No words, just amazing. ACTING WISE is amazing, they picked the right people.
Vampire Detective It is a great drama, if you are looking for something that is good but easily figured out, not a complex drama but it will do. Pretty good.
The journey Pretty good, I really don’t have anything to say, but there is a lot of fighting and acting is good.

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