Which drama should I watch first?

Help, I just finished watching another drama and am deciding whether I should watch The Wolf (cdrama) or General and I (also cdrama). Earlier this year I dropped both dramas after several episodes for one reason or another. Now, though I spend most my time on Viki subbing, I still enjoy watching drama episodes in-between subbing parts of episodes (don’t worry, I’m getting my parts done on time). Recently, I finished a drama and am deciding between which drama to watch next. Any suggestions?


What Genre do you like best???


usually I watch historical or fantasy

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I like both equally.

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Goblin - Guardian the Lonely and Great God


100 Days My Prince

Chicago Typewriter

Tail of the Nine Tailed

Long Ballad

I have more gotta run to watch Happiness!!! LOL

Another Link - Supernatural

Historical Hotties


omg yes, the tail of the nine-tailed and Goblin- guardian the lonely and great god are amazing picks! I recommend those too. @kdrama2020ali has amazing taste


Aw you are sweet - did we lose you in the WP - did we scare you off! LOL

I have so many MORE to recommend!!!

I can give you guys My Drama List if you want it!


If you’re looking for another Cdrama I recommend ‘Find yourself’ I’m not sure if its on Viki but its on Netflix. I loved it soooo much although its pretty lengthy there wasn’t a time where I got bored.


No omg I enjoyed the WP v much I was having data problems so I decided to just finish my homework since its finals week anyways. I had an amazing time and ill be there for the Grand Prix!! I cant wait to look at all of the tags and make a disc tonight!


Your taste is so good. Tail of the Nine Tailed and The Long Ballad was so good.


If you don’t mind, could you?

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Since you like historical fantasies…
Epics - Ashes of Love. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms/Eternal Love.

Movies: Along With the Gods

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Thank you! I am new :sweat_smile: I’ve watched Ashes of Love and Eternal Love before and Ashes of Love had me absolutely sobbing.


Wait… Ashes of Love made you sob more than Eternal Love? I’ve been scared to watch Eternal Love because Ashes of Love completely took everything out of me, so I’m stocking up on emotional strength to get through Eternal Love :sweat_smile: Which one was better, in your opinion?


Ashes of Love had me crying because I felt so bad for each character, and the ANXIETY! Eternal Love gave me some anxiety but not as massive. I think I became numb after each drama for a good week until I made myself unnumb (?) because I had my finals soon. They were both so good, and if I had to compare, it would be Eternal Love, though I liked the ending for Ashes of Love a bit more.


Eternal Love did make me cry more tbh. I did binge the whole series in 3 days so


In that case watch the movie remake Once Upon A Time of the drama Eternal Love

Then when you watch the drama, take your time letting the drama unfold the details not in the movie. Knowing you, you’ll easily piece it all together, when you watch the drama! :blush: