Female Prime Minister in Need of Segmenters+Subbers+Language Subbers and a page designer

Hi. I am the CM ( Channel Manager ) of The Female Prime Minister.
It is in need of Experienced segmenters,
Chinese-English Subbers, and other Language Subbers.
Also in need of a Page Designer
Link to Channel : http://www.viki.com/tv/25705c-the-female-prime-minister

^.^ Many thanks, and luck. Ji Yoo

Hi Ji Yoo,

Are you aware that there is another Viki channel for this drama?

I’m not sure how two channels got started, or if you’re resurrecting this series, but maybe the other channel still has some active volunteers?

I am aware.
The other channel only has 6 members. they aren’t active
the 1st episode is on 37% and the rest aren’t subbed or segmented.
My channel all episodes 1-12 are 100% subbed. and I have 23 volunteers.
I don’t know what to do. When I first submitted my channel I didn’t realize there was one already. because I searched Female Prime Minister. That’s probably why i got nothing. I did search Legend of Lu Zhen., but couldn’t find it. So I submitted one. Since I really like this show myself.