Final of Heirs

Do you like the ending of heirs or do you think there are parts who are missing or boring.
I like the ending of Heirs and i was so happy when Young do found his mother and i am happy that kim tan and eun sang are together now but i think the Part with Kim Won was very sad. Also i thought there would be a kiss but noooooo episode 16 was the first and last good kiss of PSH.
So what do you think?


OMG interesting topic you just opened… Heirs, Heirs ahh Heirs is gonna drive me crazy for sure hahaha… I have this kind of “hate-love” relationship with this drama lol XD
I think Heirs is gonna have a happy predictable ending.

KT and ES: they’re are gonna be happily together at the end for sure! they went through a lot and they deserve it and that’s what the drama is gonna give us.

KT: Tan is gonna be with Es as I already said and he’s gonna keep his inheritance and probably will work with Won in the company (maybe) OR maybe just maybe he gives up his inheritance to live with ES a carefree life hahaha

ES: is gonna go to college and get a good house to live in (lol)

YD: my baby is gonna find his mommy and take the responsability of the hotel.

Yoo Rachel is gonna be with sunbae, at least I hope so… I ship them so much!

Evil Daddy is gonna wake up and become a good person because you know the “comma state” taught him a lot -_- (that’s SO gonna happen)

And of course the dream catcher is definetely going to appear somewhere, in any moment at the ending


You will have mixed emotions at times but overall it’s a good drama. However the weight of the crown does leave some peoples lives not fully happy at the end.

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What i mean is what you think about the final . I watched it and i like it but there were parts i don´t like. That´s why i asked for your opinion: )

I’m sad for Hyung!!! :frowning:


It’s not my favourite drama but some moments were nice.

The main couple was a little bit boring for me.

Young Do was really charismatic. The story with his mother it’s a little bit weird…

I really love the couple Chan Young and Bora, they were the only normal couple : young and in love.

Hyo Shin was funny and interessant and I like his relationship with Rachel.

I like the actress who plays Rachel, in What’s Up she was cute and sang very well. I hope she will be able to have a main role and not a bi…

Even if it’s sad for the big bro, I think the end is fair with the choices he did. He always chosed the compagny in first.


I waited a lot to see The Heirs, especialy for Lee Min Ho, but I’m a little bit dissapointed.
The role played by Lee Min Ho was very similar with the role from Boys Over Flowers. I’m not saying I didn’t liked BOF- was my favorite k-drama for a very long time. What I want to say is that I wanted a role more mature for Lee Min Ho, after the drama Faith, and not a high school student role like he played in 2010.

I agree because the role he plays in Heirs doesn´t show his skills and what a good actor he is. He said that he feel a little bit uncomfortable with his role : , I tried to shed myself of the image of being young after “Boys Over Flowers.” But over time, and with my life revolving solely around work, I realized I was becoming an adult and poised. So I wanted to play a cheerful character before I get any older, and this is the choice I decided go to with… It actually felt uncomfortable having to play the role of a high school student since I’m turning 27 next year. But the writer told me to just act the way I do right now" (LMH, Interview
But the sad scenes definitely shows what an amazing actor he is : )


I don’t know if seeing dramas at night makes me emotive but I kinda cried XD I’m attached to Heirs ^^ I love Min Ho because he is a great great actor; it’s true, this show doesn’t show his acting skills but still he was so good! I hated Young Do, but in these lasts episodes I loved him, he behaved as a good friend. I’m sad for Kim Won too, but in the end he was happy :slight_smile:

yes i agree and especially the sad scenes proved that he is an amazing actor

Well honestly for me, heirs was not really my favorite drama, it’s plot was rather boring.
I think the only reason i watched it (as well as many others like me) was because of this amazingly awesome cast.
I love LMH and i wanted him in a way better role than this one even though he made his character look great (and i don’t think anyone could done it better than him) but honestly speaking i didn’t like his chemistry with PSH if there was any, though she finally gave a normal kiss in a drama :stuck_out_tongue:
KWB was really greatt, too mean for me but i love him either ways.
But basically the final wasn’t anything unexpected, everyone got what he/she wished for at the end.
Except for Hyunggg!!! :" (
I wanted him to have some more romance in his life and not having to suffer that much, but the writers want what the writers want and we gotta live with it. lol
Oh my dear Choi Jin Hyuk i can’t wait to see you as a lead in a drama!!!


The final episode was GREAT !! But there is something I dislike, it’s the fact that Kim Won didn’t end up with the girl he loves !! I tought it was really unfair and i felt so sad for him :frowning: One scene that I found really interesting was when Eun Sang explained the meaning of the dead body outline drawing…It was so deep ! In a few words it’s not my fav drama but definitely an Amazing one !!

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Is ship Rachael and sunbae too!!!

I liked Heirs. It wasn’t great but the cast made it enjoyable. I think lmh and psh had weak chemistry. If the boring slow mo scenes were trimmed down and the story was cleaner, this could’ve been a stronger, better drama in maybe 18 episodes. Maybe 16…but it was nice because of the cast. I really felt bad for Won!!

P.s. the theme song annoyed me. >_< sorry!

Hahahhah yeahh Love is the moment was really annoying

just saw the ending. thought it was but then thought it was “ehhhh”. not too much of a beautiful wrap-up for this drama-filled was okay.felt bad for the brother though.

I don´t think that Heirs is a good drama …It´s not bad, not at all but a little bit too childish for me. I am almost 17 and Heirs is called a teenage drama but I felt too old for it. The cast was amazing but ahh don´t know. I don´t think that i will ever watch it again … Lee min ho has better dramas than that…

yea im 19 and its kinda the same for me. i did like allot of parts but some seemed like i was more… idk i was just like it was good but something was missing

its cuz they are all so much older than highschool age and they are supposed to be younger especially park shin hye to me she looked much old for the part,it was still good tho…

anyone know if they will post the heirs christmas special???

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