FINALE - Holiday Watch of GOBLIN - Wed Dec 29th - 7 pm Eastern - Eps 15/16



Let the BROMANCE Begin!


I hope we can get some NEW watchers!!! Who does not love GOBLIN!!!


This will be a FRI and SAT watch! Each WEEK!


allrighty now!! course I love it!


ohhhh I’ll be there


I have missed you @natyh


Sorry, I was getting ready for my trip and I haven’t seen my parents since July so, you can imagine lol
I miss you all too!


YAY natyh! Can’t wait to see you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




I can’t come at 7PM ET :tired_face::sob: Can you change the time, at least for either Friday or Saturday?


Not this week I have to be out - I’m working on a historical site decorating for Christmas I’m not sure what time I’ll be back - but Next week I could probably change Sat to earlier -

We will watch Eps 1 and 2 tomorrow!


Hello everyone!:wave:

I count as “new”, don’t I?:raised_hand:
True. Who doesn’t?
GY oppa… LDW oppa… and yeodongsaeng KGE too… always worth a watch, and more rewatches :heart_eyes:
I’ve watched Goblin in a hurry the first time around. I know I’ve missed quite a bit of happenings. So… may I join this watch/rewatch? (though I may not be able to last the entire leg of it… I’ll try):pleading_face:



You come right on and watch with us!!! We are starting tonight Sat - 12/4 at 7 pm Eastern

Then it will be on Fridays and Saturdays until we finish.
We might have some matinee watching on Saturdays so watch out for possible changes in times if we decide to do that.

I am so EXCITED!!!


We are getting nearer to the PRESENTATION of GOBLIN!!! :christmas_tree:

Let the Bromance Begin




We are starting in 5 min!!!


Oops, missed it. Sorry about that. :tired_face:


Friday and Sat next week coming up!!! Just watch here!

Tomorrow we are watching Swindlers at 7 pm Eastern - MOVIE!


Oh my gosh! He is so Beautiful!!!


OMG! So good! Can’t wait to watch him in a new k again!


I’m my nephew’s new toy!!! I couldn’t scape for the watch party, hope to join soon


Oh, no fair! The star of Healer singing the theme song for Goblin! Are you trying to melt the ice caps or what?