FINALE - Holiday Watch of GOBLIN - Wed Dec 29th - 7 pm Eastern - Eps 15/16


Exciting is not the word. Thrilling is not the word. What can one say?!

I am so late to the party, it probably will be over? Or are we on Central Standard time?

A friend from college is calling tomorrow at 7, so I’ll miss part two. I’ll drink orange juice while I’m chatting . . .


Eastern Standard time


yep i missed it!



Tonight - Eps 5 and 6

Holiday Watch 5 & 6

5 min CountDown!!!


vale <3 <3 <3 <3


I should be able to catch the remainder of the episodes! Can’t wait for this Bromance-to-end-all-Bromances!


Goblin will have to be moved to a later time on Friday!!! I forgot I have a Christmas Party to go to
can we move it???

Can we move Goblin to 9:30 pm Eastern on FRIDAY - I have a Christmas Party that night!

  • Yes
  • No

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[quote=“kdrama2020ali, post:29, topic:41517”]


Goblin and Grim REAPER](


all righty now!! I will do my best to be here!! 9.30 just too late for me


Sat will be back at 7 pm!!! no worries!! just catch up!


That’s what I’ll do. I’ll have to miss the screening for tonight :frowning:
Y’all enjoy!

@frustratedwriter Hope to see you tomorrow :slight_smile: And everyone as well.
And erm…especially oppa GY+DW lol… :heart_eyes::star_struck:


ok! thats better, see you tomorrow!!


I think I’ll be skipping tonight too, nothing to do with the time change, just other stuff.


Ha,ha,ha. I just got home from my office Christmas party. So much fun. I will try to make it tonight.



We are starting!!!


It is First Love! Goblin


See you guys tonight!


Sunny is my Sister? :sun_with_face:


I thought we were watching Goblin tonight on the 22th. :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :tooth: :smirk:

:gun: I know - terrible. Just shoot me already. :laughing:


oh no! :open_mouth: :frowning_face: