FINALE - Holiday Watch of GOBLIN - Wed Dec 29th - 7 pm Eastern - Eps 15/16


that is so cool!!! You are so good at Gifs!


Thank you, it’s not that hard, it can be picky though, making sure the end of the next clip doesn’t sneak in, there are some I spend way too long adjusting, going back and forth seeing what frame to star and end on so it flows a bit better. The Goblin fire one I had to use a movie making program to cut and splice it together. Silly, just for a gif. lol :woman_facepalming:




Oh YEA! 구맙숩니다! You made it for me! (Well, if you didn’t, I’m stealing it then!) :laughing:



Time for Goblin


Link above


We’re always talking about the clothes…


I’m not going to get over with this, how can I miss this watch party?



I know we miss you @natyh

We need more Top 10 Hotties!!! & Hottie of the Weeks


You guys! :joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl::rofl::rofl::face_with_hand_over_mouth:
What a tantrum @natyh is throwing, girl you need to breathe :rofl:
And why, oh why @kdrama2020ali are you encouraging it? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:
Bawling both your eyes out.
Here’s some lollipop :lollipop::lollipop::lollipop: feel better both! :blush:

I was going to sneak in on the 29th, but the link says it’s ended. :wink: The Wednesday evening would’ve work for me, but that’s the only day, based on plans in the topic of this thread.


Goblin Finale


Starting Promptly at 7 pm!!! Be there or be square!



Of course, I missed again. I’m too young to be forgetting things. I’m worried for my future self.


I’ll be back!!