First drama?

Okay, so this is a question I ask on forums a bunch… But always curious to know.
What was your first drama, or which drama really got you interested in them? Any reason why?


Do you mean drama in general or a specific kind as k-dramas or taiwanese or whatever ?

I’m actually a little embarrassed to admit, mine was “Boys Over Flowers” … I’ve always been an Anime/Manga fan and BOF just fit right in. I’ve seen better dramas since but this one will always have a special place for me.

What about you Scircus?


That drama was the one that introduced me to k-drama and to viki as well so it’s really a special one for me too :smiley:

ahahhaa i know what you mean. It was my second…and it was a pretty bad drama but like you said… for sentimental reasons and well hot guys, and great music.

That “Almost Paradise” still gets stuck in my head as well as that Rick Astley knock off song “. . . Make you love, make you smile… la la la la la la” .


Which was your first?

Either or, or both. Anything XD

lol, why embarrassed? BOF was fun and addicting in its way :slight_smile:
Mine? It was probably the Taiwanese drama Prince Turns to Frog - found it online like 6-ish years ago? With all the things I’ve seen since, the storyline doesn’t seem all that special, but there was something about it at the time. And Ming Dao and Joe Chen <33 Heheee.

When I ventured into Korean dramas, the first I saw was one of either Soulmate, Coffee Prince, or 9 End 2 Outs - all of which I think are pretty good and would def. re-watch/ recommend ^^

That Almost paradise song still haunts Kim Hyun Joong lol. My first was My Girl. I remember thinking, eww why does this guy have long hair like that, aka Lee Jun Ki.

lololol~ Almost paradise~
I forget what I was watching, but sort of recently, there was something that played it. I was like o-0 what.

No one can ever use that song again… ever. (It would be like naming your lead character Goo Jun Pyo, IMPOSSIBLE!)

I added Prince turns to frog to my Dramalist, as well as 9 ends 2 outs.


My first drama if I’m not wrong, was Meteor Garden (the taiwanese version of BOF). Loooong time ago. Probably when I was about 15 or so (so like 10 years ago lol). Yeah Scircus I agree with you. The storyline of Prince Turns to frog now doesn’t seem to be that special, but I remember that I enjoyed it a lot in the past. The first time that I saw it.

My first drama was “Pasta” I had been watching anime for the longest (btw this was before anime/drama crazy shut down) and for some reason that name had stuck out to me everytime I went on the anime crazy website so I decided to give it a try and BOOM I was hooked

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Hmm first drama…i really cannot remember. I used to watch some random dramas/movies without really knowing what language they were speaking…It was when I got into the asian culture that I cared to differentiate between languages…but i think my first notable Asian drama was “it started with a kiss”…Taiwanese dramas got me into Kdramas and J dramas :slight_smile:

9 ends 2 out…that drama was super cute but it was kinda boring but I watched it till the end because the main guy was so HOT!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH …gosh that song reminds me so much of summer 2009!!!

LMAO! True! i remember back then when everyone was screaming BOF and Gu jun pyo’s name everywhere…no one really uses the reference anymore…sigh…beautiful memories :))

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Meteor Garden even though it is SUPER OLD…i watched it AFTER i watched BOF…i love EVERY single version of boys before flowers : Korean, Taiwanese,chinese,Japanese…they were planning on making a Philippine version but I guess the plan did not pull through


I have no idea why people like “My Girl”…that drama bored me to death. Another drama i didnt care for but was really popular is "My Lovely Sam Soon "

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BOF was bad for you??..NOOOO! My books it is AWESOME. I go back to that drama EVERY year…TRUE STORY