First time CM is recruiting for _My Heroic Husband_

My Heroic Husband
We have an amazing team started with a couple languages that have a lot of help stepping forward but we have SO MANY languages out there that we need to recruit for. Our show has 6 episodes a week for 6 weeks it comes with English subtitles already loaded.

If you have any interest in joining our team

Chief Segmenter is bjohnsonwong
Translation Editor is laurapuente
Chief Editor is mjkrech

Arabic: nalynn2020_178 & princessahmad
Catalan: igiam
French:agathosorus & ajummakyota
German: loulou_98
Hungarian: samandriel
Italian: fabiana_hetman
Polish: just_liaa
Portuguese: cahcodognatto & rosemereozv
Romanian: biancapark18
Serbian: sbedi1898_925
Slovak: endelay
Spanish: valanrigo and maga_coco
Swedish: stippe
Tagalog: roro_17


Congratulations! You don’t know how happy I am to see you embarking on your new project. I know you’ll be doing great work.

I contacted the Eng-Span moderator to join the team, but if you need a hand in other parts of this project: I’m at your service. Fighting!


Congratulations. Getting your first CM project must be so overwhelming. If you have any questions please remember you can always ask questions or ask for tips. The first thing I did when I got my first channel is PMing other CM’s for tips and tricks :slight_smile:


Thank you very much yes the first thing I did was to talk to some of my Sensie’s and friends from other projects I have worked on to see if they could give me a hand learning this new role. Its always best to have water wings when dipping your toes in the ocean… lol I have a great team started they are amazing support some of those I asked were busy of course but I feel very confident with the support team we have assembled.


Thank you for responding glad to see another ASC person here :slight_smile:


First 6 Episodes are now being worked on Desperately seeking Moderators/subtitle team leaders for MOST languages.


we got it thanks

You might get more replies if you make it into a new topic, since it’s less likely for translators to click on a recruiting topic…

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That makes sense I wasn’t thinking to well it was past my bed time LOL


A few tips when you want to grow your team.

  • Personally invite people to join your team. Send the people you enjoyed working with a PM. You can also PM people you didn’t work with before but you would like to have on your team.
  • Check if there are other drama on Viki the cast starred in and ask the CM if they can promote your channel a bit to the team by sending a message. You can also write the message yourself so they can copy paste. State for which positions you are recruiting and who to contact when people want to join. Including a small synopsis and mentioning the most popular actors is also a good idea.

I want to join the team for subbing from English to french in the cdrama My heroic husband.

Thanks for your answer.

If you need a general English editor/newbie segmenter, I’d absolutely be overjoyed to help!


Please send an email to tammychecketts_61