So, guys, I’ve discovered another “gremlin”. I discovered that my followers disappeared except for one, who just recently followed me yesterday. So EVERYONE who has followed me before yesterday, not sure when the “disappearance” happened, has disappeared… Maybe when the newest Viki layout arrived? So I did some digging and discovered that those I knew who followed me were indeed still following me. So I did more digging and discovered some people were like me and/or their FOLLOWING list was empty, too.

I checked via my phone, Chrome, Safari, and Edge… same scenario.

So you might want to check your pages. I’ve sent in a ticket. It’s not that I care about my following/followers, it’s more that if there is this “gremlin” hanging around, there might be more we have yet to discover if we aren’t paying attention.

[Viki Community Team] New Profile Page Experience Announcement - #106 by fabienneodding Didn’t realize that many are also reporting here.


That’s very weird. I can still see my flowers.

I tried checking yours, and it just gives me this:

It might be another bug that will catch up to all of us soon.


This is what I see… the one follower who followed me yesterday. The only reason I know this is because she told me.

And this is with someone I know and it shows that she is following me. LOL!

Just weird all around.


LOL! I just checked again, now it’s fixed. So someone in Singapore got my ticket. LOL!


It happened to me, but after a few days everything returned to normal.

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