For Love of the "Bad Guy" Who do you love even though you should hate them?


:kr: Jung Ho Bin :kr: in :film_strip::film_projector: Inspiring Generation, and Jumong :film_strip::film_projector::performing_arts: I watched both here on Viki.
:heart: him in :film_projector::film_strip: The Great Queen Soendeok :film_strip::film_projector::performing_arts: here on Viki, great show, lots of suspense, his role was more supportive, and cameo, alongside Kim Nam Gil, who played Bidam :blush: in this drama.


Last one for today, girls are like that too! :blush:
:kr: Kim Min Jung :kr: in :film_projector::film_strip: The Thorn Birds :film_strip::film_projector::performing_arts: here on Viki.

:heart: her in :film_strip::film_projector: The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 :film_strip::film_projector:


Lee Joon Ho in I Remember You (aka Hello Monster,) were we supposed to hate Park Bo Gum too? If so add him to the list.

Jang Seung Jo in Encounter, I’m not sure if he really counts as a villain, although he was to Cha Soo Hyun

And Lee Jae Myung in Pinocchio, but I’m not sure if there was anyone who really hated him.


I love the ex-husband in Encounter! He actually is a good guy being a bad guy. No one is EVER supposed to hate Park Bo Gummy! Never!


I can support this :hearts:


This guy looks like a bad guy/bad boy I would like to like! ahahahahahahahahaha

Enemies to lovers/bad boy falls for good girl recommandations PLEASE!

Funny about Park Bo Gum :smile::laughing::smile::smile::smile::laughing:


I actually call him Park Bo Yummy but don’t tell anyone! bahahahahahahaha I hope he is well serving in the Navy!

AKA Never the Bad Guy


My second love is Park Hyung Sik (the first being my husband *sigh :rofl:) but Hyung Sik is never the bad guy. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh don’t get me started on Park Hyung Sik! We won’t ever stop that conversation!

Just waiting for him to pick a new project now that he’s home! AKA Never the Bad Guy




This guy I have loved from: Hwayugi and other dramas always playing as supporting cast. I can’t get over it since he’s a killer in the L.U.C.A. drama. those gorgeous eyes he has and now a bad boy makes him so sexy but breaking my heart knowing his ending can’t be avoided to be tragic.


Kim Seong O


Cute guy, Kim Sung Oh, he reminds me of God of the mountains, Lee Dong Wook, in :film_projector::film_strip: Tale of The Nine - Tailed :film_strip::film_projector::performing_arts:


Hey! I just starting watching “High End Crush” from your collection! I had been wanting to watch it but could not remember the name so I went back and looked. I love a good “domineering” CEO who loves himself too much! It’s so funny so far!


I hope you enjoy it, it’s fairly light and easy, and after some dramas it’s what’s called for. :slight_smile:


Ok, help me out I need more love um/hate um bad guys!


It doesn’t look like the person who created this collection Crazy Villains is active, at least they haven’t responded to comments or added anything is quite a while. I haven’t compared your collection to know the differences.

They won’t all fit in your collection since you’re looking for the hot villains. :slight_smile:


scholar%20walks%20gwi%202 !scholar%20who%20walks%20gwi

He is just…I can’t even!


I still haven’t seen that drama of his! I don’t know about vampire dramas since I haven’t watched any. Are they scary?

Here is another villain I liked!

Noh Min Woo as Park Dong Joo from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho


ah I keep coming back to edit my post because I’m scrolling through the dramas I’ve watched and remembering which villains I really liked, either for their looks, their smarts, the acting, or their overbearing attitude that makes them quirky or just fun to watch.

Kwon Yool as Kang Jung Il in Whisper


I remember liking his character a lot because he was so smart for a villain! He was evenly matched with the protagonist (from what I can remember).

Do protagonists that would technically be ‘bad guys’ count as bad guys? Such as Rain in A Love to Kill, Seo Ji Seob in I’m Sorry, I Love You, Jo In Sung in That Winter, the Wind Blows, and Kim Nam Gil in Bad Guy?


yeah but there’s a limit…Noble My Love crossed it :expressionless: he was just wayyyy too much