For Love of the "Bad Guy" Who do you love even though you should hate them?


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He is just…I can’t even!


I still haven’t seen that drama of his! I don’t know about vampire dramas since I haven’t watched any. Are they scary?

Here is another villain I liked!

Noh Min Woo as Park Dong Joo from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho


ah I keep coming back to edit my post because I’m scrolling through the dramas I’ve watched and remembering which villains I really liked, either for their looks, their smarts, the acting, or their overbearing attitude that makes them quirky or just fun to watch.

Kwon Yool as Kang Jung Il in Whisper


I remember liking his character a lot because he was so smart for a villain! He was evenly matched with the protagonist (from what I can remember).

Do protagonists that would technically be ‘bad guys’ count as bad guys? Such as Rain in A Love to Kill, Seo Ji Seob in I’m Sorry, I Love You, Jo In Sung in That Winter, the Wind Blows, and Kim Nam Gil in Bad Guy?


yeah but there’s a limit…Noble My Love crossed it :expressionless: he was just wayyyy too much


I HATED “Noble My LOVE” Agreed I did not like that character AT ALL. I loved HB in Secret Garden though!


I’m ok with antagonist just boys that are BAD morally! But not necessarily Evil or Evil but not necessarily in jail right?

That Noh Min Woo is :fire:For Love of The Bad Guy I have 35 shows but gotta figure out who the bad guy or antagonist are in them

Help me fill them in if you know who they are in the collection!:heart_eyes:Anybody


would lov e to find it!!


wow y’all sure did pick them! yeah all bad guys,


Adding My Woo Do into the love the bad guy - cuz he is the angsty seducer manipulator in
Tempted! But I love him!
For Love Of The Bad Guy


its the guys/gals you love to hate, oh so many!@! and then what gets me you watch another drama and they are soooo squeeky clean, and ya gotta forget that “other” drama you just watched!


that guy was redicilous, handsome and all, but!!

oh my vampire guy! then he goes to play that "squeeky clean " dude in Neighborhood hero.


Kim Min Jae as the Manipulated King in Guardian the Lonely and Great God!



oh yeah!another one you love to hate


JUNHO - As a bad boy (not necessarily a bad guy) in Just Between Lovers (he just stopped caring about himself and life.

Seo In Guk in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (another Punk bad boy)

Ji Soo in Angry Mom - Complex Bad Boy


I think I will make it Bad Guys and Bad Boys! Cuz I love me some Bad Boys!


Sameeee! He is gorgeous but oh damn how I hated his character :frowning:


I wish that this was on VIKI why is it not on VIKI it is EPIC! I wanna watch it but I know it’s sad but I love Lee Joon Gi


Yes!!! You really need to prep yourself for this one. Also you can check out viu, i think its available there!


I have not been able to finish Empress Ki yet and I love Wookie! It just breaks my heart. I did accidentally see the ending and I cried for like 30 min after.


It’s on drama cool too, I watched it there


Yep, that is probably where I’ll watch it. And Jealousy Incarnate