For Love of the "Bad Guy" Who do you love even though you should hate them?


ahWHAT??!! Empress Ki doesn’t end well??? frantically throws it off watchlist and screams



But it is SO worth watching SO SO SO SO worth watching. Ji Chang Wook is a MASTER in this! He is a beautiful ACTOR!


So we have a CON-man - Play-boy - Bad boy in this one!!!


Jang Ki Yong



Any more LOVEABLE but not (maybe just :fire:) Bad guys!???


I very rarely connect to any bad guys (as in actual villain of the story) but one of the rare occurrences was for this guy from The Legends


I don’t know who he thinks he is (rhetorically speaking) the guy was so proprietary, and bold!


Second leads or villains who are so full of themselves and think they can somehow force the FL to love them usually drive me up a wall (characteristics, however, I am more than willing to forgive for ML. Yes, I’m shallow like that, LOL) But there was something oddly endearing about this character. Maybe it was just his personal flavor of swagger but that he could also sometimes act like a giddy teenager in love. Not that I was ever rooting for him to win, but I loved him nonetheless.


He sure added the angst in the show. What would we have without them, no fizz in our :champagne: pops!



Innocent Man - Kang Ma Roo
Song Joong Ki




Found any loveable - love them or hate them - Bad Guys or Bad Boys???


Ultimate K-drama Bad Boys



I am so mad at Kwak Si-Yang for playing such a BAD guy in Chicago Typewriter - I can’t even LOVE him! and he is a villian prince in Red Sky! But he is so SWEET in Ghostess

He is a great VILLIAN though - a great actor - he made me HATE him


Falling for Innocence

Yoon Hyun Min - Made me hate him!!! So no love for this Bad Boy!!! But he did such a good job and he is so HANDSOME!


Luo Yunxi (Ashes of love)


Kwon Yul (Bring it on ghost)

Kim Jo Hoon (Flower of evil)


Lim Ju Hwan (Oh my ghost)



I have a bonus for this thread hehe
Go Kyung-pyo (My roomate is a gumiho)
He’s not the bad guy in there but I think that he was always creating a mess lol


Goodness those two handsome profiles :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Do Perry Park & Shin Se Gi count as Bad Guys? Ji Sung in Kill Me Heal Me, I love Se Gi so much.


Yes Shin Se Gi - is my spirit Animal - I love him so MUCH!


Yang Jeong Do (Seo In Guk) in Squad 38

Go Yeon Woo (Park Hyung Sik) in Suits