For Your Eyes Only πŸ‘€ Who "LOOKS" at their Leading Ladies the BEST




I’m a Pet at Dali Temple

In Eps 2 - the way he looks at her - in his beautiful black and red flowing robes - (he is actually investigating something) but he β€œdances” with her! But WOWhowsers! I rolled that back a few times!
His stare is INTENSE! This guy is so MANLY!


I’m having a Park Hyung Sikkie kind of day! The way he looks at her! And the kiss after - Wowhowsers I love these two.


We Heart It








Park Seo Joon had such a way of looking at Park Mi Young! This was my first real comedy series I watched very early in my drama world.


Oh, don’t get me started. What a sweet, heart-melty bit of dialog!



:joy::joy: I can’t take this seriously after watching about three hours of Hyung Sik running around in his pajamas or a torn suit, screaming at Nam Ji Hyun trying to tell her that he DIDN’T promise to marry her when he was 14, pulling her hair, kicking her out of his house, then getting caught in a pyramid scam, selling vitamins in the rain, yelling at police officers… ohhhh what a guy :joy::joy:


Miss the dragon! He’s always looking at her



Mysterious love, his look is always kind of intense but i like it!




I love the way DO-zie looks at her! And he is so lovey even when he says "Oh Ho - Who said you could touch me.?"




I love the way SHE LOOKS at HIM also


okay I love the way Itsuki looks at Kawana-san in Perfect World :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Aw he’s so handsome! :heart:


This guy! I cannot EVEN - One of the sweetest most loving characters I have ever seen in a DRAMA! He is GOLDEN! And the way he looks at her MELTS you DEAD! And more mature than all the so called β€œadults” in the show.

My Fated Boy


Nevertheless, Song Kang
So intense!!!

And cute!


Love me some Song Kang and he can β€œlean” anywhere near me anytime and talk about butterflies and draw butterflies on my arm!!!



Hao Du and his Kitten Princess!

Oh how he looked at her a beamed

She did the same whenever she smiled at him once she fell for him!

min news


Can you look at me like that - MELT INTO a PUDDLE OF GOO!