For Your Eyes Only 👀 Who "LOOKS" at their Leading Ladies the BEST




I know who it is, want me to tell you?

I’ll just assume I know the answer to that.

That would be Jay Park


From 2pm - REALLY - or he used to be in 2pm

I didn’t realize that! Thanks for the PHOTO!!!


I started watching Mysterious Love a week and a half ago. It’s got me interested so far. I love how they release like 4 episodes at a time. I need to catch up with the next 4 this week.


I just watched the intro, because I set the subs hahaha and it looks pretty good, now I’m curious haha


here to bring back Go Ahead and the WAY Song Weilong looks at her :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This woman HAS to be lying LOOK at that babyface! Can’t believe she was 30 in that!!


Just because I was looking for a gif and came across this first one, which is more appropriate for this thread. I really don’t know how the leading ladies don’t fall in love with these guys when they look at them like this.


When I watch BTS - I know why I’m not an actress. I would fall in love EVERY DARN TIME!

Wookie can look at a sign post with those eyes in love - I don’t know how he does it!


Wait until you see how the guy looks at his girl in Mysterious Love - Have I talked about that one enough - have I plugged and advertised that one enough! Bahahahahahaha!


I’m trying to catch up on Mysterious Love, but you know…


Sometimes I feel like Lee Je Hoon’s eyes are physically glued to Shin Min Ah… He just can’t seem to take his eyes off her and the WAY he looks at her with mixed pain, love and adoration MY HEART :sob::sob:

I can’t handle it, I CANNOT! The chemistry… AGH… the way they do it, it should be terribly cringey but it just warms my heart and makes me squeal and squirm and hug myself and rewind everything ten times with a big gooey smile and hearts exploding from my eyes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ve been jumping around like a maniac completely high on drugs with the energy spurts they’re giving me at 12 AM :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: I am going to get DIABETES if they keep doing this morning “Where is mine?” routine they are KILLING ME, just KILLING ME and I’m happily surrendering


I swear - he is just growing on me! I really like him! I wouldn’t have noticed him if I had not started Tomorrow With You!


Wow. You’ve answered your own question. Of course it’s Wookie.

Glad I dropped by to confirm the truth . . .



OF COURSE Big Brown Puppy Dog Eyes!

Ok even his neck is sexy - but I digress

Wiki Kpop


I hope he is feeling WELL and out of Quarantine Soon! Wishing Blessings to my WOOKIE! :purple_heart:


I know I’m shamelessly jumping from topic to topic promoting Tomorrow With You and I apologise… BUT I CAN’T HELP ITTTT!! :sob::sob:



I’m OK with it! You know it! This is one of my favorite couples now! If I can get past Eps 5.


You’re in for a looong ride. You’re probably gonna get stuck at Episode 8-9 and 11 too :joy::joy: It’s one of those dramas where you just want to live in their little bubble for as long as you can! I’m even thinking of rewatching it!


I’m already re-watching scenes!


I know that he’s so rude in this show, but I love how can he be cute with her in his own way!!

Go go squid!


Bad Boy! I’ll like him!