Fraudulent Subtitlers


Can you? I thought they keep reappearing until someone higher up deletes them.

Ok, the subber should indeed check, but sometimes it’s just that it’s 3am… :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has seen anything being done after reporting a fraudulent subber?
I reported a person almost a year ago, but received no word from Viki. If you did get word back, how long did it take?

There’s someone who is a CM of quite a few channels. She also likes to sub on her channels and does everything from translating from mandarin and korean to english. After interrogating her, I found out that she doesn’t have a command of any of these languages, including English. When I edited her subs, I realized she was just making things up. It really bugs me because this person keeps taking on new projects as CM. She also has a habit of taking on new projects and dropping them halfway. It’s really frustrating for the subbers and viewers.


I am referring to subtitlers who’d target shows(old/or new) that do not have an active channel manager nor language moderators to manage them. They know what they’re doing and as far as they can get away with it, I don’t see why not. Sad, but true.
Besides, it’s not like any of us are getting payed for our contributions! And those fake ones when they’re exposed, they can simply come back under a different name and do it all over again… there’s no way Viki’s gonna start blocking IPs now, we run the show! Free of charge.


They do occasionally respond, but take no action.
You have to understand, this site is run by ‘the people’. Us. For free.
They accept all kinda contributions and rely on people’s own consciousness and hope for the best. The majority of contributors are decent, reliable human beings; so they don’t mind a minority and obviously believe there’s no reason/need for them to deal with it. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon … unless we do!


why do I feel like I know who you’re talking about? I was warned to avoid this person if it is the same person.


I understand that. Poor subtitles are one thing (as that is largely community work), but I wold think they would have a more stringent process for picking CMs and keeping an eye on blatant subtitle abuses. I’ve worked on a channel where the actual production company check the subs. If you allow such abusers to work on these projects, especially as CM, the channel is often guaranteed to fail. I often wonder if there are other production companies keeping an eye on their channels. Viki is a for-profit business even if we volunteers are doing it for free. From that standpoint, it would seem in their best interest to give more attention this area.

However, I do understand that the Viki team is rather small. They do have a lot of work on their hands as is. I guess I’m merely surprised that what I deem to be an important aspect of the site seems less of a priority.


I guess I lucked out with my CM’s. The i was told to avoid is head of some of the shows I had watched raw. The ones airing now are all headed by colleagues and my chief editor. I can’t get away from chief.


I know one person who even said herself that she just copies Google translated lines, she said that she doesn’t know English, but translates because she wants to understand the drama. But still other viewers might not be satisfied with her translation. Once I fixed her translated drama, but I want to translate, not fix other people’s subtitles…


I suggest you join a team or create a team.
Many languages have language mods. Join them ==> can translate.
If they suck go tell the channel mod.

If they don’t exist then, tell channel mod you want to be one for your language.


Well put, couldn’t have said it better. It may be just a matter of perspective, since we are the ones directly involved in the process of translating, while they do everything else.


Maybe she is the one who didn’t get enough sleep :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
You should try replying that previously you asked to be a subtitler, and now you are asking to be a moderator. That way, she might notice her mistakes and your problem will be solved.


I did send a reply but gosh, it was so unexpected :neutral_face: