Frustrating endings in K-dramas!


Which k-dramas do you find to have a disappointing and frustrating ending?


Zombie Detective- Although is to hint a second season the ending leaves you painfully ‘‘hanging.’’

Mr. Sunshine all those good looking ML dies, and the FL shows no emotion.

Back in 2013 BIG with Gong Yoo and FL should have stayed with ML not second lead


Definitely Korean Odyssey; I was so disappointed in how they left the ending even though everything else was great. I loved the cast and everything about it, though. Like why did female lead have to die like that.


Penthouse is supposed to have more seasons but recently I was really annoyed because the tone wasn’t consistent. Like everyone is made into a murderer. Like why? -_-


Even Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. Like what was the need of this cancer angle ?


OMG that was the most disappointing and painful one for me too! I remember I was so angry for days I didn’t watch k dramas for days to get back at them. The reason why I stopped watching Chinese dramas/movies bc someone dies in the dramas all the time (The ones I pick to watch bc I only like an specific kind of Chinese dramas) I just gave up on watching frustrating/tragic/depressing endings.



You didn’t mention which ones you found disappointing.


School 2015.
For the ones who watched, you know what I mean.


I didn’t watched that one, but I’m so glad bc everyone comments how terrible the ending was.



I dropped [Penthouse] like a hot potato by half of second episode. For a lead character to be suffering from the time they are young, and grows to be a woman, and the abuse continues? Give me a break. I’m not giving attention to that garbage/concept in dramas. The scenery, wardrobe and everything overall was impressive and classy, but the rich are portrayed as pure garbage. I don’t think it will happen in real life at all. Some stuff of course but all that much? Not believable.


Yass! Finally someone said this!


This was like a full on over-reaction to everything. Too much of plotting and negativity.


My list of disappointing endings would be so long that I would exceed the total allowed characters for a post.

Hateful open endings that made you want to slap the writers

  • Hwayugi
  • Hotel del Luna
  • Marry Him if You Dare

Disappointing endings doesn’t necessarily mean sad endings. An ending may be sad but necessary and integral to the plot. Like in Queen for Seven Days, Oh My Ghostess and Rooftop Prince. I didn’t like it, I got traumatized, but it was natural and to be expected.
I love happy endings. But sometimes there are happy endings that come so out of the blue, so unprepared and unwarranted, that they seem like lazy writing.

Happy endings but very poorly written, not consistent with what happened up to there:

  • Meow, the Secret Boy](
  • Angel’s last mission: love
  • About Time
  • Bride of the Water God (but the whole drama was a mess)
  • Something in the Rain (but the drama went downhill after episode 13 and couldn’t recover)
  • W (but the whole drama went downhill after episode 8 and never recovered)

Unnecessarily tragic endings:

  • Starry Night, Starry Sea (idiotic Chinese drama featuring a merman). Most of the drama was slapstick comedy, and then it turned melodramatic and a tragedy.

I could go on and on, but thinking about them just makes me cross, so I will stop here.


I agree with you on Bride of the Water God and W.


Totally agree!


I agree with you on Angel’s last mission: love and Hotel del Luna. Both were happy endings but they could be better. I had higher expectations for them.


I think all of you here have had a earful of my opinion on School 2015 so I won’t even go there :joy::roll_eyes:
Goblin’s ending was very, very disappointing; it went downhill from ep 13
Flower of Evil’s ending was happy and beautiful and everything, but i was just disappointed with the way they chose to end it like WHY did we have to have amnesia over everything??
The whole drama was such a rollercoaster of thrills that I expected a victoriously happy ending to complete the ride, not the sweet but understated one we got. I’d say the same thing about Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Satisfied, but not satisfying.

I agree with you on that, if episode 8 is the one where the cartoonist got his face pulled off :expressionless:


Mine will have to be an old drama that I watched only recently: Twelve Nights

It started out relatively ok, then it started to feel overlong. The story chugged along and the ending felt almost hollow? I’m usually fine with ambiguous endings, but this one just felt, meh.


Something in the Rain: I really don’t know why they had to be separated for 3 years and then again reunite without discussing their previous problems?

W: This drama is a little overrated. I didn’t even like FL’s acting.

Bride of Water God: Oh my god. The concept of this drama was interesting but I rarely felt that Naam Joon Hyuk was a god. He never got to show his ultimate powers and also the FL did not feel like a psychiatrist.


Oh, I didn’t mention that one because it wasn’t just the ending. The drama was a train wreck after the first few episodes. I tried to remove that experience from my memory. I will probably have to add it.