Frustrating endings in K-dramas!

I am a big fantasy fan and my study of fantasies till now tells that most if not all fantasies have a common way to end.
The male lead or the female lead has to disappear for some time, maybe for months or years, and then come back again suddenly.
This is how many popular dramas/movies end, Goblin, W, Angels last mission love, the beauty inside (movie), LOTBS, and My Love From The Star.


Yes! Even Legend of the Blue Sea. Either they disappear or die temporarily. Tale of the Nine Tailed had the same concept.


Yes! I stopped watching fantasy dramas exactly because of that
I really would have changed my overall view of My Love From the Star if the ending had been more reasonable. It made no sense, was one of the most frustrating endings ever; worse than even Goblin. Human woman has to constantly wait and wait while she continues to age while immortal man comes and goes without even a regular pattern? No thanks.:rage:

Meow the Secret Boy too…they don’t even give a proper explanation, he just reappears as a human in the end after we spent an entire episode crying over his turning into a cat forever and her accepting and moving on. Will he remain human forever or turn into cat again?? No answers.
(i’m re-reading what I just wrote, and WOW it will sound totally loco to people who don’t know the drama :joy:)


One I recently watched - graceful friends. It’s like the writers gave up. Some of the lines were so cringe in the worst possible way :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Can I mention a C-drama here? :see_no_evil:
Ice fantasy… Just… it gave some of the people I watched it with trauma :rofl:


Umm does anyone else feel disappointed in twenty-twenty? Like what finally happened between Hajun and Da-hee? Like can they actually be called friends?

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Je comprend tout a fait, j’y pensais justement …


J’ai été un peu déçu des dernier épisodes de Plus que des amis et Wish You que j’ai trouver un peu bâcler

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Thank you! I am not the only person who is STILL MAD about Something in the Rain. I didn’t get the break up, and the ending was HORRIBLE. The chemistry was so good and then it WENT down HILL. I’m still mad.

However, I loved Meow “L” can be a cat/human any day in my book (maybe not the greatest ending) I wanted more fantasy in Bride of the Water God (He was so HOT in that Water God set of robes) and I loved W.

I hated Hyde, Jekyll, Me - Hyun Bin was only thing I enjoyed looking at. Story was not good. And I’m mad right now at Love Alarm until Season 2. And I’m sure VERY unpopular I did not like Fight for My Way or Witch’s Romance (I thought the adult relationship became too comical)

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I think all the Joseon ones that follow the rough plotline of “disgraced noble/commoner girl who is scrappy and charming unintentionally woos crown prince who has jumped the palace walls for a night on the town, by yelling at him like he’s literally never been yelled at before” end kind of vaguely and unsatisfyingly, because in reality the marriages were all politically motivated and not determined by the couples themselves… So they create a fun drama but there is no remotely realistic way to resolve it that isn’t heartbreaking or dissatisfying (like becoming the nth concubine after all the political marriages had been made).

Usually it’s the Chinese historical dramas that leave me in a funk for days, even the “happy” endings. But one ending I haaaated, and it might have a lot to do with the 2nd lead syndrome here, was Cheese in the Trap.


at least they make an effort to give us happy endings :sweat_smile: the plot of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds is similar to this one, and there would have been absolutely NO WAY such a thing could happen in those times but oh well…the real Prince had only one wife and died young so I don’t even try to think of reality while watching :smile:

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ohj gosh, don’t get me started!

Kdrama2020 you got a bunch I aso azgree, healer is also one, Kill it, oh they could have done a better ending for that, , hotel del luna,

oh yeah lets not forget goblin, what about BLACK? while you were sleeping, angels last mission,love,

andyeah legend of the blue sea, and what aboutthat chinese one about that merman.(found it starry night starry sea) my Atlantis friends may get upset!!

and that second season just wasn’t a good one, and that 9 tailed fox one, that was
terrible!! the writers could have done better! the zombie detective, what gives?? ands supposed to have a second season? aww clean the first one up first! oh my ghostness, lets fight ghost, prince on the rooftop, and queens man(??)

then on NF ok wow, that ddso whatever, I am not going to keep on whth them. but gosh the writers are getting bashed I guess, but these things could have been better! and nuff said!

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I was so disappointed… :open_mouth::unamused::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sob::sob::sob:


me too on that one! and I have always said iof you can’t say anything good don’t say anything at all. wsell sorry, yeah the beginnings and all were great but did they have to “kill us” at the end? nuff said here

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Cheese in the Trap. WTH with ending up with the sociopath?

There is season 2 of Penthouse it’s on air

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I love Goblin from beginning to end! I actually am ok with While You Were Sleeping. I LOVED Tale of the Nine Tailed! But ALL of them had such sad parts that made me CRY.

I think that Something In The Rain will keep me MAD Enough for a GOOD long while! hahahahahaha!

Am I the only one who thought The King: Eternal Monarch had an unsatisfactory ending?

I haven’t seen Witch’s Romance but I didn’t like Fight for My Way either.

I’m with you on Cheese in the Trap, it’s another of the really popular dramas I just couldn’t understand the hype once I finished watching it.


I loved King The Eternal Monarch! It is just the way it had to be for them to be together. I will let you guys know about Cheese in The Trap when I watch it. I like the possessive guys so we shall see what happens I know she doesn’t chose the guy I probably will like the best cuz I love that actor. I also didn’t mind the ending of My Love From the Stars. I like fantasy shows though so that is probably why.

If you watch Witches’ Romance let me know, I wanted a more adult relationship it was at the beginning then got kinda comical.

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The rapey ending of The Romance of Tiger and Rose. Like WTF!? The scenes could very well be interpreted as trivializing if not romanticizing rape. In hindsight, they KINDA make sense, but it’s a very long and uncomfortable watch (almost an entire episode!). I would definitively recommend you sit this one out if you find sexual assault triggering! I liked the casting and the acting was decent enough but you won’t miss out on anything.


How disappointing to know that since rape is one subject I find it abominable. What possessed them to add that in such a funny drama bc I’ve been laughing all this time since I started watching (upto episode 2 only).

The girl is very cute and the ML too, they’re both so funny, and everyone has managed to be very entertaining and funny. You know Chinese dramas/movie never ceased to mess things up in the end for me by killing main characters and now this cr*p? I can’t even conceive such a thing included there…:scream::scream::scream::rage::rage::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: