Frustrating endings in K-dramas!


Memories of Alhambra had amazing action but rest was shit!


Really don’t want to watch it if there’s gonna be a season 3.


Fantasy dramas have the vague-st ending ever!


Also, Cheat on Me, If You Can feels like the showrunners just got bored or didn’t know how to end the show so they rushed it and tried to use an open ending as a cop-out. Kinda sad that the female lead and the secretary didn’t at least hold hands :frowning:


1.- Hotel Luna
2.- Goblin
3.- Moon Lovers
4.- Incontrollably fond


For me it was a sock the end of the Heiress. I cant understand that end, after all the suffering tha bad character has the best end, its true that he cant get the girl but has success, and the lovers instead end a part because his lie, thats no rigth.