General Editor looking for project

I am a Ninja grad, QC, and experienced English language general editor. I have edited many Korean and Chinese dramas and films. Specifically, I am looking for dramas and films that are not on-air. I am also happy to edit media from other countries. Please notify me if you have a project that needs loving attention.


I would love to help edit whatever to English projects. I have a masters in English, and love watching shows from other countries, but I find grammatical errors, and can help “fix” them.

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Maybe help out with this:
I remember volunteering as a Arabic subber, but the English subs were not edited at all (sometimes, there were no punctuation marks making the sentence hard to understand) which made me give up subbing the drama until the subs are edited.
The drama really needs a general editor, who would fix all grammatical mistakes and add punctuation marks to make the sentences understandable.

I was the Chief Editor on Gogh, The Starry Night from the begining of the project and also did a lot of subbing from raw myself on it. It was not subbed rapidly because as I recall it was not licensed in the US so I had to rely on a few European Korean to English subbers. If there are any errors in the English subs, please let me know the location and I will edit.


I also see you in the team in the Miss Hammurabi drama, and there is a lot of bad English subtitles, especially on the last episodes. These episodes affected the Spanish subtitles (although some spanish subs are wrong, and english subs are fine). I don’t know if you saw my comments.

When you have the time please look into this issue also. Thank you.

Once again. If you tell me specific locations of errors I will be happy to review and revise if necessary. But a blanket “there are a lot of errors” on a series with well over ten thousand lines is not going to result in my re reviewing the entire series. I usually spend about five hours of editing of a one hour episode, if I don’t also have to subtitle from Korean to English. On titles for which I am both subbing and editing it is not unusual for me to spend over ten hours per one hour episode. And I don’t subscribe to the notion that spacing needs to be corrected or the occasional use of italics or lack of italics warrants review of a whole episode for another time. Please pm me with specific locations and episode numbers.

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Ok, I have to work on that and will get back to you as soon as I m ready.

PS. I know those subtitles were not done by you but I know you edit them so maybe you just miss these few. I’ll PM you rather than post them here.

Thank you,