Getting To Know Each Other


Wuxia is the genre for historic chinese dramas.


Wow, they are beautiful! :heart_eyes:


Oh. Intetesting.


I can’t resist showing you this other-worldly adorable baby red panda :heart_eyes_cat:


It’s so cute! As a child I had a very beautiful stuffed red panda. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh gods @sheishun this made my day! its so adorable!

I dont know how to embed gifs…sorry


And yes Wuxia is sort of historical Chinese fantasy series. Its like the hairy pawter series except they fly on swords and have OP magic from martial arts n stuff like that. :smiley: I love that like untamed my all time favourite. To I love historical dramas like: the longest day in chang an, nirvana in fire, novoland eagle flag they are more like the game of thrones just so much better *sorry :3


My mother tongue is turkish and german so yes it was not easy to learn two languages at the same time. That’s why my turkish is not perfect and my german is also better than turkish because I learned this at school and I only learned turkish through speaking without writing at all.

My korean is very basic but I also learned this through hearing (I watched 10 years now) and watching the dramas on viki. Currently I improve my turkish and korean on Duolingo and reading turkish books.


Hmmm, interesting.
You must have seen a lot of dramas right? I have about maybe past 100 dramas or more, but who knows, I lost track.


The baby red panda looks so happy! LOL! :heart_eyes::rofl:


yes @ wither_kitty2020 yes I do allot, thats probably the only thing I do watch I dislike television. I think to “blame” was 1000 miles of peach blossom, I found it on YouTube by accident because it was suggested. But to me thats one of these happy things :smiley: I value those tv shows allot and to I did watch allot of Korean movies because of their aesthetics. They don’t exaggerate to a point that it gets oblivious. Also I value the modesty in appearances and if romance is involved.


Ever since I started watching dramas on YouTube and Viki, I barely watch TV now days and I am mostly on YouTube or Viki watching stuff, or Vudu.


What is Vudu?


This is me since 2010/11 lol But I love that because I don’t have any advertising while watching my dramas :rofl:
@wither_kitty2020: Oh yeah… let me see the total time on my mydramalist:

241 d 3 h 10 m
6,657 episodes, 360 shows

This is a huge amount of time here which I invested on dramas since almost 11 years by now.


I did notice an exception to this, though:



Maybe this could help as well:

(Only the first video displays here, but there’s a whole list).


Ok, this is too basic für me because I already know those xd But thank you anyway.

PS: This is perfect for someone who has very little knowledge.


Hi! I’d like to get to know you all too^^

this is TOTALLY me.
I love meeting new people, both online and offline.
Oh, yeah, almost forgot: I’m a hardcore EXO-L :joy: :sweat_smile:


Hey vivi_1485!
It’s nice to know that you are very open. So are you an extrovert?
And also, what is EXO-L?

I am not very open. I struggle to make new friends or meet new people because I am an introvert and I have social anxiety.
It must be nice to meet new people. :sweat:


The fanbase of Exo:

You know, just like Sechskies’ fans are “YellowKies”, BTS fans are “Army”, Super Junior fans are “ELF” (Everlasting Friends), etc.

Me too.