Giving a chance to a rookie x Falling for fake accounts


That’s a good idea, actually some of our community members contaced me about that account and they said they think it’s that guy.
So I became more suspicious, that I didn’t believe what she said.
I just asked where she lives though nothing personal.
She doesn’t like to share that information.


This is suspicious…


She told different names too.
I really don’t know what to do now, and she said that I don’t know to read my language, how funny is that.


The audacity! LoL



I think this person… or people, joined our watch party the other night. Pretty random… they also created a thread asking something odd. But I think it’s gone now. Kind of strange.


That person will appear again for sure!


I think it’s the same person - and let’s just say I hope they remove them (AGAIN)


Yes it’s him.


The subject of our discussion got admitted in NSSA.
Signs of more trouble coming soon :grimacing:

I had been thinking this was a recent problem, but after going through the applicant list, it seems he/she has been around since May.


I saw their name and I thought about this thread.
Not my student though, so I’m not going to worry about it :sweat_smile:.
I did however have another ‘abuser’ as a student, but because their profile was already flagged, they couldn’t access any of the videos and their profile was removed a short while later.


At least April, and probably earlier.


Probably was the same person. Now it wants to be a TE and is making hell out of everyone’s lives.


I’m not sure…
This was the type of abuser that would just put dots everywhere instead of actual subtitles.


Back with Bulgarian straight from Google, I guess? :woman_shrugging:

However, sometimes people want to subtitle and text you in bad English. I’m aware it’s easier to translate from English into your native language, but how great can the subs be if the English isn’t up to any standards?! :thinking:


Back to granting rookies an opportunity. Since I’m from a medium-sized language community, I sort of tend to doubt people subbing all alone. I mean, in big communities it’s usually unheard of, the smaller the community becomes, the more common it might be. In German, there are some people doing things alone or with no more than two people. Sometimes it’s newbies, sometimes people who prefer to do things alone for some reason. But I often heard that they somewhat “didn’t dare” to build/lead a team (and there might be people who don’t know better or only trust in their own subs or prefer their own pace, I’m aware). Anyway, in a recent drama a solo subtitler got accepted, and the quality is… sort of horrendous. Capital letters, small letters all mixed up, weird terms etc. E.g., in English, you can just string nouns together. In German, you can’t - but it happened. In fact, this isn’t the work of a translator or anything, but I guess no translation would’ve been better than that. I feel like I would have to edit about 95% of the sentences, and I expect this to scare away others. Similar story in another case, where someone took over the drama after “some translations were done”. The editing took forever, considering it’s usually not acceptable to delete subs just like that.


The abuser mentioned in this thread, has targeted our language community, as it’s a small one. S/he has been asking for telugu moderation for latest dramas with accounts created on the same day, Which is not normal.
So, channel managers, please be aware of rookies.especially, with accounts created very recently.


I am new to Viki subbing and i didn’t know it was a recurring problem here, it’s really sad and i think that’s why it’s so hard to find a project to contribute.


I was surprised to receive a message from the rogue abuser yesterday. I was suspicious until a member saw my comment in the discussions under the moderator thread and reached out to me. Which confirmed my suspicions further.

Apparently, this abuser was able to convince the CM to join as the Galician subber. :flushed:

The weird part was that this person/abuser said he wanted to be the TE/GE but said he wasn’t fluent (in Thai)… like huh? Not fluent but want to be TE? :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This is not okay! Not by a long mile! This is the time when as a community we can’t do anything, when Viki has to step in. I’m assuming this multi-username person has been reported several times. Why isn’t Viki doing anything?