Giving a chance to a rookie x Falling for fake accounts


I see the abuser being added as TE, GE and CE by Cms and I wonder how will this work. The person has no knowledge of the language or enough knowledge of english to do such a thing. And yet, it’s being added to projects. I’m not sure, but I don’t think Viki is giving any thought to the reports and complaints that people are doing.


I also wanted to know


I wonder if somehow Viki can create a function where your profile can be banned if you get a certain amount of “flags” or warnings from other users. Like with facebook or youtube.


That could also effect innocent people, though, if some people would dislike him/her for whatever reason.
In fact, the abuser could then flag us with all his accounts. :open_mouth:


This would then notify Viki to investigate and decide whether the flag/warning was warranted. If not and the abuser(s) were being trolls, Viki can issue their account suspended. It would look suspicious if a new troll account flagged an account of someone who has been around for 3+ years.

There has to be some way Viki can keep track of accounts that have several strikes.


If Viki just review the reports and check the facts that would be enough already.


From my experience so far, I can say for sure that Viki sees in a timely manner the tickets we open. Whether they choose to respond or not (in most cases, they don’t), only they know why they take this approach.

At the moment, for English and maybe a few other languages they can quickly check for possible problems with certain users, but if we end up talking about each individual language, then the situation is much more complicated, since Viki does not have native representatives for each language. To ban/delete a user just on the basis of an assumption is totally unfair. But, also from my own experience, when there have been visible cases of abuse, they have reacted promptly.

Also, being a 100% volunteer-based platform, it is understandable why Viki chooses not to impose a stricter and more demanding working environment on volunteers. This is how I see the situation.


You’re right. I’ve seen this same issue brought up constantly and the only solution Viki seems to have for us is suspending some accounts temporarily. Since it is a volunteer based platform, it’s up to us or most likely CMs/Mods, to decide who’s responsible and won’t abuse. It takes a team effort.


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I hate abusers and when I found one I always report them. As a CM I sometimes get messages too about abuse cases on my channels. If it’s about Google/3rd party subs I usually ask the ‘reporter’ to collect proof and report it to Viki. Of course as a CM I can do that as well but it’s easier to spot the abuse when you know the language and if it’s 3rd party from an other very popular streaming service for Kdrama I don’t have a subscribtion on that so I cannot check myself and collect proof to begin with.

In some occasions people find it scary to report people to Viki because they don’t want to be the ‘bad person’. Which I understand but in the end who’s the real bad person? The one who reports or the abuser?

And because I’m on Viki for so long I had to deal with many things already. The competition for the mod position, the angry and sad PM’s. People who lie about things to get a position. I had users who really wanted a mod position in a certain language so they told me the mod I selected was really bad. Lucky me I know quite a few people on Viki so I contacted some people in my ‘network’ and they all said the mod always did an amazing job and the other person was known to be a troublemaker who talked trash about others. Of course the people I know and work with for years where lying according the troublemaker… :roll_eyes:


And regarding newbies, I think it’s getting harder for them to get started due all the abusers. I’m all for helping out newbies but it’s getting harder with the abusers or newbies who just leave without a trace all of a sudden. It feels bad to think about the bad things that could happen when someone new reaches out to me sometimes while they are honest and everything but due your experiences so far it just happens. Some newbies are understanding but some get really upset because due cultural differences and the language barrier they take it the wrong way. I had people telling me I was too direct and therefore thought I was quite rude but that seems to be a Dutch thing. I’m more like say what you want to say instead of beating around the bush and sugar coat it too much.



And he’s proudly saying that he has 200 accounts hahhaha!


I have seen this a couple of times. You take someone on your team who is new, they might be active for one or two episodes and then disappear without letting you know anything. I’d rather they tell me they don’t like the drama or that subbing is a lot more effort than they expect than going completely silent (and seeing them pop up in someone else’s project later) :woman_shrugging:.

:rofl:. Definitely a problem in general for Dutch people . Usually it’s the first thing we warn foreigners about who come to live here :laughing:.

I have had people who came across as rude as well, but I tell them that the words they chose may come across as rude even if that is not their intention. It’s usually due to their level of English or perhaps their background :blush:


That’s insane! Yikes! How does someone even have that many emails to make that many accounts.

I don’t know why ppl like that can waste their time.


That’s why the particular abuser mentioned in this thread is sooo specially annoying! :smiley::smiley:


That’s why if there was such a thing, the person reporting should also be relevant for the report. If it is a senior, active, and reliable, it should weigh more when reporting a profile.


YES, It will definitely work, but this particular abuser is targeting rare languages. so, some times we are helpless.


Some of his personalities are Gold QCs. Viki might think they are reliable. :thinking:


Gold is not equal to trustworthy. That’s why I said senior, active and reliable. The more time as volunteer, the more the staff knows the person and if they can trust its word or not.


He is shooting randomly at what it comes to his mind. Subs, segmenting, editing, etc. Toxic activities and bad behavior that makes all of us feel unsafe when accepting anyone we don’t know. This is unfortunate but I already had headaches enough on the account of this user abuser. So as long as he keeps sending me threats and spam messages I’ll keep reporting him